Whereas in the US, it’s hard to see a foreign movie in major movie theater chains. Also, the fact that the dialogue in another language sounds really unnatural, even when it’s a native speaker saying it – not sure if it’s the script, or the actors, or both. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. My real problem with this 1st episode was that nothing really happened, they didn’t tell us that much about the characters and although I believe the characters are great, they were very bland in this first episode, they could give us more about them, making them more complex Kayleigh October 10, at 2: However, rest assured that Americans actually have very good representation in Korea, since in the movie theaters, almost half the movies are Hollywood ones. And forget all the hard work and passion and compassion even that goes into making this site function. I agree with your opinion.

She chases him onto the beach while he giggles and runs around like a little fiendish Rumplestiltskin, until he runs face-first into a volleyball net and goes down. Season 1, Episode 5. Was anyone else bothered by this? That moment when Lee Min Ho started speaking full sentences in english That to me, is a wonderful bonus, and the icing on the cake. But I have read some of her post and Iviore she has no problem conversing with fellow Dramabeans and a beautiful mind to booth, if I may say so. Season 1, Episode 9.

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I can NOT wait for the show to head back to Korea. I do hope that your sister continues to be well, and so are you and your family and all the people you care about. I dont think PSH is being unreal and too innocent I just wanna say go easy on the lip gloss His life will continue to be this way forever, and one day these bullies will be his employers.


Well, about the storyline I do hope it will gets better on the next episodes. His acting is so one dimensional it’s amusing.

His acting is quite good but I hope he will give more of it. I really hope this to get better Then Mom gives her a bankbook to send a large chunk of funds to America—unni is getting married. Don’t worry, your oppa is safe from any env ridicule. Available to Stream Watch on.

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As they get to know each other better, Tan finds himself growing more attached to her. I hope you won’t be discouraged after this and I’d like to read more of your thoughts and feelings on shows in the future. Thank you for your comments, as I appreciate them. I am glad you were laughing.

Eun-sang works yet another job scrubbing dishes, a Sisyphean task that comes close to cracking her composure today. I’m even a bit turned off by how they stereotype Americans. Have eposode only judged her by your own standards your own low expectations, failing to see her sincerity, if not also naivety? You should watch season 1 of Hana Yori Dango, there’s no English in it and it’s really good. I was actually expecting worse for his english, so I was positively suprise.

Their father is the Jeguk chairman and Tan its future heir. Tan flirts dramsgo Eun Sang excessively, while Young Do continues to torture her in school. Though nervous at being slighted, she duly complied and didn’t post any further 1st post ‘thank you’ holders. So I was interested in watching to see what would happen next. I feel like I should have said something like Sabah as well, because after reading the comments after redfox I did feel that it sounded like a united front being spiteful and mean to a single user.


Eun Sang has a rough first week at Jeguk High, and it’s not helped by the fact that she knows Tan before transferring to the school. I sooo agree with you! My friend and I say this line to each other to this day.

His good cheer makes his actions all the more chilling, because everything is laced with underlying menace. She spots her sister inside the cafe as unni manages customer leers and accepts their tips.

JB not only took the time to recap this ep. He can’t act whole speaking English.

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And thank you JB and GF, for creating and maintaining an alternate universe where we get to live out our dreams. She supposes she can wait here till unni shows, and he points out exasperatedly how very naive that is. I believe that we come to blogs like this one because of our love of Kdramas, and because we want to understand them better and yes, fangirl and rave, and rant.