Game Reviews – add yours. The second part of the challenge is putting the reel to the projector. Blackwater Park Infiltrator Run-through. Collect the following Disguises see Items: One of a Kind. One of the corners in the Cetacean skeleton room has evidence on the sofa.

Attack of the Saints. Game Reviews – add yours. Blackwater manager disguise can be obtained in the Blackwater Park stage and in order to do it, you have to attack a proper person wandering in the main building try to do it in some secluded place. Run For Your Life 5: All the other disguises from the grounds will not work. Countdown Previous Page Chapter One of a Kind.

Nov 28, – For the ‘Savage Sushi’ challenge, you’ll need to sneak up to the second level and either distract or eliminate the two guards outside Lenny’s room. Next Page Chapter The only disguises that help in the Penthouse are the black suited security or the Strike Team uniform there are 3 or 4 of them in the whole abzolution, making them easy to avoid.

To get an email when this guide is updated click below. After that you can take it to the film projector located in one of adjacent rooms and shown on the above screen.

Hitman Absolution Blackwater Park Item Locations

Nov 28, – Kill Layla by dropping the whale skeleton on her. This is very difficult challenge, because in both stages you’ll encounter many enemies, even on lower difficulty settings.

Various spots Movie Reel: Hunter and Hunted – p. Absolution Challenge Guide – Blackwater Park: Nov 28, – To unlock ‘Take Office’ in Skurky’s Law, you must steal the judge’s disguise and deliver a sentence to the court. Plumber disguise can be obtained in the Blackwater Park stage and only in one place. Nov 28, – To complete the challenge ‘You Can Manage’ in Blackwater Park, you must subdue and impersonate Blackwater’s hotel manager.


Complete the chapter without being reek. How to pass escaper level 19 and 20? Attack of the Saints. First evidence can be obtained in the Penthouse stage. Tell us what you think to be the first. It would be best to get rid of one of persons in the guardhouse at the back of the main building.

In addition you can find here ready-to-wear receptionist disguisewhich you can use now if you have only one of guards’ disguises. Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the public. There is also a secret bonus movie here, but it can only be viewed if 47 follows Layla Stockton played by the infamous Traci Lords into the Panic Room after she enters it naturally, unseen, but after the movie plays, 47 will be immediately spotted by Layla.

Blackwater bodyguard disguise can be obtained in the Penthouse stage. Samurai costume is a hidden disguise. Attack of the Saints Blackwater tactical team disguise can be obtained only in the Penthouse stage.

Hitman: Absolution – Hotel Terminus ITA

Skurky’s Law – p. January 9, at 5: Follow this guide to hear about updates.

These are not usually tested by us because there are so manyso please use them at your own risk. Blackwater Park – p. Penthouse weapons displays that’s Hitman Absolution Blackwater park Item Locationsplease visit other page to find absolutioj hitman game tips in this site, here. Shaving Lenny – p. You should get interested in a corridor on the security room’s back, shown agsolution the above screen, because regardless of the difficulty settings it is guarded by only one person. It would be best to use a absolutio or throwable objects to lure enemies to come to this room.


Throw the gas can into the working fireplace when Layla stands near the fire. Blackwater Park Infiltrator Run-through. One of a Kind.

Chapter 18: Blackwater Park

End of the Road. The sniper rifle is in Lenny’s bedroom. You must eliminate a person on the parking lot, near the side entrance to the main building. It would be best to eliminate one of single guard, for example the one on the back of the security room. absolutionn

There are plenty of smaller rooms around the lobby and security room, connected with narrow corridors. But remember that you must attack a man. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Penthouse weapons room, or from the security room in Blackwater Park’s ground floor.