It’s far too easy for Dana to trample all over her mother at this point, though we do admit getting a bit teary-eyed at their farewell. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. During his withdrawal, Brody declared he wants to die. How to make sure your food delivery person gets a good tip. Follow Aaron Timms on Twitter: Finally, can Carrie and Quinn make out already?

Do we want a Homeland baby? Carrie’s pregnancy highlights the main theme of this mostly excellent episode, which was family, and the ownership we have over each other as family members. In the eyes of God, we’re still married. Chris seems to be living one of them right now, stuck in a sympathetic little booboo zone where his eyebrows are called on to do more than his mouth. This being “Homeland,” the producers tease us with this information but leave us to wonder: Saul gained some kind of revenge when he smuggled Javadi’s wife and son to the west just months later but residual rage at his betrayal still lingers.

At the safe house, Saul details to Fara how Javadi got on the Iranian government’s good side in the late 70s: Our personal wish, seeing as nobody asked, is for Dana’s departure from Chez Lazaro to provide the cue for her brother to step up and achieve full personhood as a character on the show. It premiered on Showtime on November 3, It makes no sense. Just where Dar Adal’s loyalties lie, we can’t be too sure, but Lockhart mutters some pretty ominous things about no more surprises, meaning no more Brodys, no more Sauls and and no more Carries.

And by telling Javadi that the CIA could make him an enemy of his own state in a heartbeat, Javadi appears to resign himself to his detainment. Homeland loves to bat us back-and-forth between snooze-fests with twist endings and white-knuckle thriller episodes.


Do we want a Homeland baby? Will Carrie keep the baby?

It still doesn’t excuse his dull episde and goofy acting, but these troughs are almost forgotten in the next scene, as he forgoes his meeting Carrie in favor of driving over to his ex-wife’s house.

Jessica Brody credit only Jackson Pace He socks Javadi straight seson the nose. Carrie Mathison Damian Lewis He does, however, reveal his knowledge about Caracas, which will later bite him in the ass.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Get back at me because you could? It’s become Homeland ‘s MO — the show isn’t getting bad; it’s just in one of its trough phases.

‘Homeland’ Recap, Season 3, Episode 6: Way To Drop A Bomb On Us, Carrie

Mira Berenson Tracy Letts Javadi surrenders without a fight and is brought to the safehouse where Saul welcomes him by smacking him in the face. Breaking Javadi’s nose in the interrogation room, Saul raises serious doubts whether this mission really isn’t about vengeance. Javadi can see that Carrie is lying. Much to Jessica’s chagrin, Dana is hardly finished. Months later, as a bit of revenge, Saul helped Javadi’s wife and child flee to the United States.

Instead, they were all assassinated when Javadi served them up to the new regime in order to secure a position in their intelligence ranks. The episode wastes no time setting the stakes high: Related stories by this author.


Majid Javadi William Abadie Carrie and Quinn arrive, capturing Javadi and retrieving the murder weapons. And no, the episode wasn’t perfect. Is his snideness justified?

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We finally get what we’ve been waiting for: Lockhart gets what he deserves. When Javadi asks why he hasn’t been arrested yet, Carrie says that Saul wants to speak with him first.

It’s far too easy for Dana to trample all over her mother at this point, though we do admit getting a bit teary-eyed at their farewell.

Besides sounding way cooler, it would serve the purpose of tying up the entirety of the episode in a neat little theme. Javadi might just be the perfect outlet for his frustration.

They say there are no small parts, just small actors. Must have wpisode to thank for that. How to make sure your food delivery person gets a good tip.

Homeland recap: ‘Still Positive’

We don’t know what the hell she’ll be doing next in the name of her country and her mission to protect it. Are we getting too technical here?

Her doctor informs her she’ll be fine, and then snidely adds that the week old baby she’s carrying will be okay. Dar Adal Mandy Patinkin That whole thing with Mira wanting Saul to elicit some sort of reaction to having her new lover over for dinner the night before?