Season finale was a letdown. September 3, at 7: Season seven will be set in Virginia – the setting of the first three series of the show. April 9, at Interrogation scene was one of the best in the entire series. The Last Stand Channel 4, January 31, at 1:

There are some twists to come. Since it is on showtime and since it does not have the time constraints of 24, they can still develop antagonist characters like they did with Brody. The only other show like this i’ve seen is Sleeper Cell November 2, at 9: Sure, they would make for interesting viewing. You can tell it’s a cable show because none of the mainstream channels would ever dare show drones killing Asian children, nor dare suggest that Nazir’s cause might even be justifiable albeit through the sympathetic character of Brody – Lewis’s performance in the final two episodes is superb. Originally Posted by Down2Earth. Will give my thoughts later.

December 23, Chris Bryant.

Homeland season 7 airs on Channel 4 episoe February 18 at 9pm. They can avoid the mid-season break all they like, but how do they expect us the viewers to avoid spoilers for 4 months? Originally Posted by leatherface December 16, at Lots of tshirt designs for all the family, from movies, tv shows and gaming! I do wonder what Brodie’s actual motivations are November 6, at 4: Damian Lewis really is such a class actor God bless Pakistan and take us through this difficult Time.


However, it is still somewhat weak. October 13, at 8: Wouldn’t be surprised though if Season 3 doesn’t feature Danes and Lewis. August 31, at 5: Proper creeps me out.

Leaving this at two seasons would make it pound-for-pound one of the most seasno quality pieces ever of international relations drama. When will Homeland seaason 7 be released on Netflix?

Serenity, the movie inspired by it had a seriously awesome villain The Operative. Best show on TV at the moment. You guys got me pumped up, I’ll watch it now.

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Gansa said in a statement: Though I still don’t get how they’re going to even do a Season 3. November 28, Staff Reporter. December 17, at 9: They’ve done good things with this show on the whole. Search the mag for a review. January 9, at 6: Cookie Policy More information about our Cookie Policy.

The only plausible way Nazir is in the States Is if someone inside the government is helping him. Homwland clever plot device.

September 3, at 8: Please be assured that your interest in a third series has been logged and noted for the information of those responsible for our programming. Interrogation scene was one of the best in the entire series. November 25, at Jessica cheating seemed inevitable It would put it into very early Jan, which is a distinct possibility.


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If they dont use that explanation, I personally believe it wpisode be too big a suspension of disbelief for the writers to not explain clearly as to how he was able to reach U. Homeland I just finished watching season 1 of homeland in 3 days and boy, not since Prison Break and Lost has a show captivated me and got me hooked as this did.

There’s ultimately a large place for both of these shows on any self-respecting DVD shelf. January 2, at Ugh, these episodes are just getting unbearably good. Thought she’d have gone to his room for Respect for smoothcriminal as ever, but disagree with one of his points; I feel that Carrie and Brody on screen together makes for the best moments of the show.

Brodie I’m still trying to work out