William, the hero, is an obsessive stalker. I would stay away from this author. Dec 28, The length of this book makes it obvious that character development was just not going to happen. With the first book the story seems pretty straight forward. I mean how can he be completely obsessed with her and need to be near her when she left him and refuse to speak to him. That being said never in my life has there been a bell signaling classes end. Women wanted to be with him.

I had a few theories view spoiler [William killing the aunt and William not really losing his memory hide spoiler ] which were wrong. Refresh and try again. Honor is keeping a few secrets of his own from Emma. Know what else means yes? Everything felt rushed, there was barely any character development. Read the book to find out. I love William and cannot wait for more! This book is a repeat of the previous one, only difference is it is written with the male POV.

I started hating him part way through the book, when I realized the feelings he was showing Emma were sort of faked.

If you loved the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy your gonna like this series. Let me tell you something, someone just up and grabs me bends me over and beats the shit out of me after a hang over from hell, a visit to the emergency room and stiches. Bam, he spreads her on his desk and spanks her ass. She decides to sneak out terrsa a friend to attend a local party and shed her little girl jummert, to become a woman once and for all.

I really enjoyed his POV because its dark and raw. I hope the 5th book isn’t like this And we are back to one side of story I can see how her brokenness and destructiveness would bring out his protective side.


Honor Thy Teacher (Honor, #2) by Teresa Mummert

I hope in the continuation of the story we get to see both sides of the story again. I just don’t even know what to say about this book. William’s obsession with Emma became c PR: Nothing is written that will give away the point of the story or any significant details to ruin the story.

He was content to live the rest of his life alone if mummetr meant he could right the wrongs of his past.

Teresa began writing when her husband was deployed to Afghanistan as a way to cope with him being away at war. Finally, the “strange person” is addressed and the FMC is in danger from an unknown stalker writing threatening letters.

I’m working hard to get tereza finished. So I am going to eagerly await the next instalment of this amazing series. He never asked her why she lived goodrears her aunt. He is no dominant! It does end with a cliffhanger so I am anxiously waiting for the next book in the series to be released.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Honor brings her to his house.

Honor Thy Teacher

You will learn more about Tucker’s background and life with the band. You need discipline, you have no self-control. The author was right when she said He seriously has issues past issues.

It was great once, but I’d rather not go through that again. Return to Book Page. She has no problem But you can change those hoonor.


Honor & Betray

However again because I’ve read his point of view and had a dose of his thinkings, I can’t goidreads but think is this real, does he really not remember anything.

Tiffany rated it it was amazing Jun 03, On a boring Friday night I randomly picked a book to read out of my ever-growing to-read list on my eReader.

William and Emma have a great life going until a car wreck that leaves William with not knowing who Emma is ,but there is a strong connection that won’t let him forget that he loves her deep down. I’m curious how the story will continue, there are a lot of loose ends to be tied up no pun intended Based on Honor Thy TeacherI feel that the more exciting moments will come from Will’s perspective.

The fact that a writer would make constant use of word sentences and sentence fragments left me feeling like I was in a car with a student driver This book was so bad I couldn’t get past 40 pages, which was a struggle in itself. I didn’t know what to expect from this book at first because I didn’t read the description of the book Like Travis, he is totally dysfunctional in a one-on-one relationship; however, while Travis used his fists to “communicate” his displeasure of any man that looked Abby’s way, William’s method of dealing with Emma’s admirers is ratcheted way the hell up from simply delivering a black eye.