As I’ve said before, I love R. Once inside the trailer, the two kids merrily pass the time as the trailer accelerates down the highway. Fourth, a camper gets tokens if they win tournaments in sports. Goosebumps a thon When she starts snooping, she discovers that the camp is really a trap run by a giant purple monster blob who uses children to keep him clean and relatively unsmelly he sweats snails somehow, and can’t stand his own stench. But they all had one thing in common:

Yes, snails are popping out of his body at a rapid rate. But she’s about to find out that things are not all that they seen at this camp. The Horror at Camp Jellyjam is Yeah, I was really enjoying this book until Jellyjam was presented as real and one of those metaphors for lazy, stinky fat people who do nothing but lie there in their own filth. The counselors are hypnotized? She reminisces on how she often plays for fun with one of her friends back home. The way the monster was killed was stupid but I liked the relationship between the brother and sister. Stine, but the monster was a bit

After convincing their parents to let them sit in the caravan they’re hitching, they start to realise they are moving backwards! And what was Holly warning her about? I liked the monster in this one. That night, another Winners Circle ceremony. The change of pace excites Elliot considerably, but Wendy adds they had no simmary of knowing this is when their troubles began. Norror when they go to Camp Jellyjam, the sports camp, Wendy feels it’s kind of a downer. The three run back to their dorms and find Deidre’s belongings missing.

The monster was kind of stupid, but the brainwashed campers were completely creepy! The kids rush out of the igloo and face a group of the counselors, who are about to attack when the police show up.

Soon Wendy sees Jeff and Rose, when someone runs up to Wendy and begs her to save herself. Gotta get that fix, after all. Unknown as to why he can’t hypnotize the children.

It wasn’t until they were able to defeat him did they reunite hirror their parents.

The Horror at Camp Jellyjam by Jas Minnie on Prezi

A strange smiling man opened the trailer door. The main character,Wendy, is a very careful girl. At first they think that this is cool because they get to have fun and play jellyjak with other children which is more than what they were doing with their parents o I found this book to be cute, It just seemed like there was so much buildup.


When the ride gets a little bumpy, the kids assume their mother is driving, but the trailer hitch soon breaks, sending the two kids off the road and tumbling down a hill and crashes despite this, Wendy and Elliot do not suffer any injuries.

The Horror at Camp Jellyjam (Goosebumps, #33) by R.L. Stine

L Stine ReviewsUncategorized and tagged adcampdumbgoosebumpshorrormeh. Her plan for escape involves sneaking away with Elliot following the Winners Walk, going through the woods until they reach the highway and hike to the nearest phone. The creature melts down to purple goo. The campers that disappeared had to wash it daily or they will get eaten.

Jan 19, Kirk rated it liked it. Yes, snails are popping out of his body at a rapid rate. I can’t deny that Camp Jellyjam is creepy, particularly with its cult-like counsellors and bizarre earthquakes, but it is very very strange. Right away I knew it was fiction when all the kids obeyed the camp rules! Sometimes it makes her to feel better, but because of his personality, it causes some troubles. This, right after the book I said I wouldn’t name in this review, is one of the Goosebumps books I remember the most fondly from my childhood.

Wendy is an expert on giant blob monsters, and knew that he would be unable to pick them up with his big blob hands.

Wendy hurries just as she sees her brother about to cross the finish line, and musters all her strength to jump forward and tackle him to the ground. Once the race begins, Wendy is actually on her way to winning when she sees Deirdre working really hard to come in first.

On a side note the description on some sites is really off base no pun intended and is exactly why I don’t read them. First weird thing is, all of the games are competitions that people are trying to win Kings coins, apparently the goal is to get 6 of them.


Ahhh, the Goosebump days. She loses again and later that night more winners disappear.

The trailer went down the hill until it came to a sudden stop. With no one else to turn too, Damp confides in Elliot. Seriously, no kid is THIS excited about winning. The police set about reuniting the surviving kids with their parents. HOW does he come up with this stuff?!!?

In the camp’s cellar, a huge animal was in there. Why the counselors seem a little too happy. Does king jellyjam have snails on him? It ruined the series. Unable to fit in with the other kids at summer sports camp, Wendy, a non-athletic type, cannot understand what all the hype je,lyjam over a little game of softball, but she is about to learn the origins of everyone’s obsessive competitive streak. Wendy 12 and her brother Elliot 11 are on a road trip with their horfor.

Story of the Blanks by Donitz Recap It has long eyelashes! I don’t like the slavery in the book. As they where in the trailer, the car went up a steep hill and the trailer got loose. Buddy came to apologize to the kids for what happened at the camp, and also present Elliot with his last King Coin on the grounds he technically did win the race.

She has to find a pay phone because, hey, this is At first they think that this is cool because they get to have fun and play games with other children which is more than what they were doing with their parents on the road trip.

The Horror at Camp Jellyjam

It glowed in the torchlight as he began to swing it. Yeah, that’s a spoiler, but that’s why I have hid this review. On jellymam way to the family trip, two children who are Wendy and her younger brother Elliot got lost.

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