Now, the company’s kiosks in about locations around Australia will be rebranded or closed after they were acquired by Evolve, whichoperates Video Ezy Express and Blockbuster-branded movie kiosks. These codes are valid till Video Ezy launched its first kiosks in Personalising email-based customer communication”. Will try a kiosk a little out of town, then return bluray to closest 1. We were regular Hoyts users Two months ago my partner and I both rented dvds from a Hoyts Kiosk, and returned them on time!!!

Top Deals Most voted deals from Entertainment category from the last 30 days. We’ve been through many of the DVD titles we were interested in. Charged for rental i returned So annoyed had nearly 50 dollars taken out of my account for a new release i returned with the other movies 10 days late i send various emails no reply. Your trust is our top concern. So all in all a waste of time. Went to call the number to get help. If they are the same codes, does that mean that I can use both codes for each card that I have? Rented three movies first time at about 4 pm and was glad to see the sticker say ‘1night’s rental’ however when i got home and read the small print it said ‘movie to be back by 9pm’!

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Reservation confirmed but no reservation recognised when you go to collect We have reserved DVDs a few times at Top Ryde and always receive a confirmation email. First rental the movie played well but I had kisk return it by 9am next day or pay another days rental. A great innovation and change for the better. Several calls after 11am were hung up on by a recorded message – this was not working, I emailed them – no reply!

Thanks Hoyts for being a complete mess around and a major rip off. The girl who answered was quite helpful and extended the rental and I took the DVD back to another kiosk which accepted it – I’m on a roll.


Top Deals Most voted deals from Entertainment category from the last 30 days. Ive had no issues until now.

As of JuneHoyts Kiosk had over kiosks in Australia, located in every state and territory except South Australia. Reasonable operation, limited range We were provided a number of Hoyts Kiosk vouchers through a charity donation. Apparently my dvds were overdue which they were not, they did not email me or notify me of this.

No kiozk were visible on the board big mistake than what we bought wasn’t available bigger mistake Then I was after refund that took forever terrible service. See all Hoyts Kiosk questions.

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A Hoyts spokeswoman confirmed that Evolve Entertainment had acquired the Hoyts Kiosk business in Australia for an undisclosed amount. There’s a lot of B-grade content in the box.

Retrieved 27 October Personalising email-based customer communication”.

However; when we go to collect and swipe card a box comes up which says “No movies reserved at this kiosk” We have notified them of this several times an no reply and worse the problem is not fixed. On other occasions the disc had been scratched and i have been unable to watch the full movie.

Hoyts DVD vending business to be swallowed by rival Video Ezy Express

Emails appear to have been sent out to customers since November advising them of the change. Rented three movies first time at about 4 pm and was glad to see the sticker say ‘1night’s rental’ however when i got home and read the small print it said ‘movie to be back by 9pm’! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. End of the day, got charged the price of which I could’ve bought 10 of these movies NEW and couldn’t even watch them.


I already did that, but I doubt they care.

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It only checks the card being used against the code. I just got two movies today using 1 card but both codes. I did the survey and hit ‘Done’ without copying down the codes. She said the acquisition “does mobie include and does not affect the Hoyts cinema business”.

Fair dinkum never again will u get one more cent of my money have barred hoyts completely. Moive addition although they say they have Blue Rays, they have a token one or two.

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It has been the main competitor to Evolve’s Video Ezy Express for years, with kiosks for both usually seen in shopping centres. Each needs to be hogts single transaction. So i was stuck there with my details frozen on the screen with no assistant. This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat Companies based in Sydney Companies established in Vending.

Correct, normally need to return by 9pm. They have serious software issues that they do not seem to want to address. It was a not kioxk profit group representing video shops in Australia. Out of 11 DVD hires we’ve made, there have been two issues: Stood at the machine wiping e screen down for 20 mins until it worked again. I purched a dvd from the kiosk. Returned them following day kiosk accepted both movies.

In the era of video streaming and Netflix, traditional DVD rental companies have been under pressure. Kept them for a few nights to try consistently to get them to work but they restarted, skipped etc.

Even a reply would be good.