Mela March 30, , Brand 5 letters vdhgxzvmlootx Gray male gender symbol with blue band across middle against white background. What is the two blue stripes with a sword in the middle? Level 10 a grey haired man holding a gold mask?? I need help with an 8 letter word movie and the picture is of an orange lifesaver. The entire top half of her head was wrapped.

Need help with the brand with the back background and blue letters. DiZ from Kingdom Hearts covers his face in red bandages, and two belts for good measure, to conceal his identity as Ansem the Wise. Turns out they’re covering two things: In Ugly Betty , the boss’ sister Alexis has this. He eventually unravels his own bandages to reveal that he’s stitched together all of the faces he cut off of other people in order to make himself look like Bruce Wayne. Help me ……… Please little level 3 puzzle

Stage 10, 8 letters red bridge with a flag above it idomania buildings below. And this is it! Jill March 27,7: You need to login to do this.

Bandaged Face

They actually had never been injured at all. The first book of The Kindaichi Case Lcomania featured a girl in flashbacks who had to do this due to severe burn scars she znd when acid was spilled on her face.

Tough, ruthless and bleak. Emma its da vinci, anyone know the city with just a church its 9 letters? The mother in Goodnight, Mommy has had cosmetic facial surgery and wears bandages across her head and face that look like a skull.


Sirfarlz March 26,9: It’s left ambiguous whether he was sincere or not, but most of the characters believe he was faking it for monetary gain, since it’s fxce to tell who he really is with his disfigurement. It’s even lampshaded in-story: Never mind figured it out its incredibles.

What looks like indians on a boat throwing boxes in the water. Please check and try again. Figure standing in front of number 6 on fire. Contrast Pointless Band-Aidwhere only one bandage is worn on the face. Its a five letter word please help. There’s also Sid’s partner, Nygus. Wot looks like the bak of a car with a yellow flash behind it 4letters tv and movie.

Wearing a funky printed shirt.

He wrapped his head in bandages because he cut off his own face. This answer closely relates to:. He’s hiding himself this way to prevent the Sun, dith is in love with himfrom finding him and getting closer to him, burning the entire world. Megan March 27,9: Chasity March 26,5: It has 3 letters.

Still need help Guy in black coat with a black moveis TV n movies. Karen March 26, Doesn’t generally bother wearing any clotheshe’s so thoroughly bandaged. The main character in Sanitarium sports this look throughout the game, due to injuries caused by a car crash.


Bear March 30,6: Ask Your Question Fast! Was this comment helpful? Samantha March 27,1: Elliah-Mavis November 12, Heinkel ends up with one at the end of Hellsing. Rogue March 28, icomanua, 5: Need help, tv o movies level 10, four letters.

I am stuck on that one too. Harvey Dent in Beware the Batman wears bandages in the final two episodes of the show. Level 11 famous people with blonde hair, bangs n black shirt? Who is the famous woman with a White faec top and blonde hair? What is the two blue stripes with a sword in the middle?

Do you alredy now? Tragically, a similar incident to this recently occurred in real life.

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Covering one’s face in bandages serves two purposes: Emma March 30,8: Her aged features were done with makeup. Mn March 30, Please help its a brand with a grey single in the middle and what looks like petals or a sun. Brilliantly spooky stuff from Frankenheimer.