Follow us on Twitter My Tweets. If I use animation for our short film how many students can be listed as part of the crew? We may send up to 3 improvisational groups. Improvisational Acting A student draws characters and a situation and acts out a scene with limited preparation. No costuming or props allowed except for chairs and a table. May an adult appear in the film? Do not leave while a performance is in progress. Any type of acting scene requiring participants.

Readers Theatre Two to fifteen students interpret a dramatic work or piece of literature with an emphasis on body and vocal expression. We may send up to three participants. Read on for descriptions of the many events available to students. Facial and vocal expression are key. A student interprets works of either poetry or prose. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. At State there are four “state” tournaments there are three judges, and two out of three must not only give a “I” rating, but also give a recommendation. No costuming or props allowed except for one chair.

Applaud at the conclusion of the performance.

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Yes, but the video must be secondary to the production. One Act Play Two or more students perform one act of a play on the stage.

A group of people choose one topic from a list of three, and are given two minutes to prepare a scene lasting five minutes or less. Retrieved from ” https: No costuming or props allowed except for one chair. No costuming or props allowed except for chairs. Follow us on Twitter My Tweets. We may send up to 3 improvisational groups. The film can be of any genre, from comedy to action, as long as it meets the time requirements.

We may send solo mimes. Do not leave while a performance is in progress. Ensemble Acting Two to six students act out a scene from a play or book. Can we do a remake of a well-known story or event?


A table and chairs are the only props allowed, and no costumes or makeup is permitted. Schools are only allowed to enter a certain number of eules in each category, aimed at getting the best debaters from Iowa to the tournament. Please turn off or silence all pagers, cell phones, and watch alarms prior to the performance.

Students interested in large group speech events will be asked to audition so that they can be placed by our expert coaching staff into events that best display their individual strengths.

Critics give comments instead of ratings given by judges. Selections must be shory minutes in length. The performance is pre-recorded. This page was last edited on 13 Februaryat Radio News A student prepares a news program with given news copy in 30 minutes.

We may send ensemble acting groups.

A speaker system is used with the audience located in another room. Interpretation and expression are essential.

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May a series of Commericals be filmed for short film? Students are permitted to participate in one or two large group events and one or two individual events. May a newscast be used for the entire Short Film? Arrive at the performance with a positive attitude. At ffilm for speech, shorh is one judge except for One Act Play, which has 3 judges who issues ratings and every team or individual who receives a “I” goes on. We may send up to three musical theatre groups.

The art of creating and presenting a story using a given situation and two given characters.

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Khssa aspects of the film may be edited at any time and enhanced with video effects. To get to the all-state speech tournament, one must first proceed from the district and state tournaments. Please refrain from talking even whispering during a performance. Can we have more than 15 students in front of the camera for short film?


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May an adult appear in the film? After Dinner Speaking A student writes and delivers a humorous speech intended for a particular audience. Read on for descriptions of the many events available to students. A group of acts out a scene in silence. Can more than one camera and video mixer be used to enhance the short film? Background music without lyrics is allowed. We have MANY ways for students to participate in activities that will strengthen, refine, challenge, educate, and inspire interested students.

Large Group Event Descriptions One act play. Radio Broadcasting Two to eight students gather, edit, and organize a radio broadcast which includes news, sports, and weather. The performer must use one song and cannot exceed 5 minutes. The selection can either be original or published.

Am I allowed to film at any time of year?

We have one of the largest speech teams in the state of Iowa at both the 10thth and 9th grade levels. The film will bear no school identification. This is a speaking category and not an acting category. A film under five minutes is prepared in advance of the contest. We may send up to six participants.

We do NOT limit student involvement in individual events; however, some students will NOT perform at contest due to limits in each category. We may send up to three participants. Solo Musical Theatre A student performs a musical theatre selection with the use of one chair.