They received a very good review from Stereophile a couple months ago: Ski Bum , Aug 14, Steve Hoffman Music Forums. If you’ve never owned electrostatic speakers, believe me when I tell you that when you move off axis, the music deteriorates in the most awful of ways. Though Bill seems to consider them labors of love, they are intensively so and Bill’s a speaker guy and distinctly not looking to get into the business of turntable repair or modification. They are very rare, not many are seen for sale, but Infinity is popular in Germany and there was a pair for sale on Ebay a few days ago. Surrounds were rotted out and one of the tweeters was dead.

See this thread for more details The PA seems well suited for the inefficient Infinity’s speakers. Not only does he restore and repair these items for himself but he performs modifications and refinements that have to be heard to be believed. I have kappa 6. Enjoy your new kappas! They can’t compare to some of the brands like Paradigm or Axiom. Deep and room-shaking effects had heretofore gone completely unnoticed.

Without sounding to serid I could afford to buy many of the speakers out there. Nice for my bar in the basement. Lee trusts his own ears and is immune to the component of the month disease. For example, for the car, I love Infinity That’s not only talking the talk, that’s walking the walk.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. That’s what I experienced when Bill fired up the big Infinities. By his own typically understated self proclamation, Bill ain’t no audiophile.

Log in or Sign up. Though they were a close-out, it is one of his favorite sounds.

BurningfoolSep 3, MalOct 27, They don’t tip their hand via exaggerated performance in any way unless called upon etst do so by the music’s content. In just the same way a mechanic balances the wheels on your car when you get new tires, Bill balances the driver. His Infinity IRS system will be what catches the eye of most readers but they’re way too big for my room. I bought them at the same time and they were always together, go figure. I told Bill kalpa only things missing were the hard and uncomfortable wooden bench – and a properly oi attitude.


Some people just have that gift. KappaholicApr 1, As they installed the drivers, they made sure that, as far as electrical specifications went, they equipped both speakers with matched and.

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Every speaker that goes through his refurbishing regime ends up looking at least as good as new. Not many but some. There were other speakers almost infunity good as the Definitives can’t rememeber which onesbut they weren’t as It’s extremely unlikely that you’ve heard anything like it from speakers.

What little remained was so reduced in level and so removed from the context of the music that the brain had a tendency to listen right past it in favor of the music presented with a musical flow and a presence unavailable on CD. Now these speakers had bass and they had dispersion and were exceedingly easy to enjoy from anywhere. A huge projector screen covers most kapa his wall, with an incredible surround system by Martin Logan infinuty by a large Velodyne subwoofing machine.

I am amazed at how great they sound. I have the Kappa 7. I have a pair of Overture II’s that I bought new. PlinkoOct 27, Everything is so totally musical. I have ii 6. See, I told you that Bill values his friendships. When he’s done, he’s got a turntable not much larger than the record sleeve itself, with electronic cuing you never touch a tone arm but with performance I doubt kalpa folks at Technics ever conceived of.


Bill discovered that this was due to the heavy weight of the driver which gravity would cause to settle, resulting in a voice coil resting almost outside of the magnetic gap. With my 4 ohm AMT3’s it sounds better, especially bass wise if the switch is in the 4 ohm position. I often find that if a piece is worth reading, it more or less nifinity itself.

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Chuck is the height of modesty. When he found them, they showed it.

I like good powerfull bass, speakers with 2×16 or 3×16 cm bass play here ok Tesh tested few such speakersbut I am afraid from 30cm driver it will be boomy bas without control, even if I lower level of bass Before, I was using a 70 watts per channel receiver. I would recommend pairing kappa 6. It is a very nice and fun sounding speaker.

Kappa 7.2 / 8.2 is any difference in sound ? ?

Finally I bought Ibfinity 7. KappaholicMar 25, Quick as a cat, phenomenally balanced and integrated, deep and powerful, it brought out bass in my own recordings I had literally never experienced before from reproduced music. He told me and showed me what’s involved but my assumption is that it’s not my place to share trade secrets.

Call it constructive criticism in the truest sense of the word.