Looking to land a spicy news scoop, investigative reporter Hector Ramirez infiltrates the underground compound of a growing cult movement that has become popular among San Francisco’s disaffected teens. A seemingly repentant Blackthorne warns Earth Corps that the missiles are intended to shatter the divide between the Earth’s crust and mantle , but upon travelling into the Earth to preclude this catastrophe, the team discovers that Blackthorne has set them up and that the missiles are actually meant to detonate the planet’s core. In fact, Hector Ramirez, a character who originated in G. In Case You Missed It. Their leader was Metlar Ed Gilbert , a lava creature who ruled over a domain called Infernac. Partnering with Blackthorne, Sslither tries to settle the score against Metlar, but finds himself outnumbered by too many foes, quickly tiring of the battle and abandoning Blackthorne’s charge. This reptilian behemoth was locked in hibernation within an Indonesian temple until he was finally liberated by the machinations of Blackthorne Shore. Blackthorne is sentenced to five years in a maximum security prison, sharing a cell with criminal scientist Dr.

Later, Blackthorne recovers his decayed remains and enlists the morbid touch of D’Compose to reanimate Manglar in the twisted, monstrous body of Nightcrawler [originally named Toxoid ]. Mightiest—and most evil—of the Inhumanoids, Metlar dwells in his fiery domain of Infernac at the Earth’s core. The malevolent Inhumanoid leader, Metlar, remains imprisoned below the surface, paralyzed by the magnetic field of a Mutore duo named Magnokor. The aforementioned Blackthorne Shore who stole Earth Corps tech to create his own suit of black armor is the most frequent sideways antagonist whose whole shtick involves trying to make alliances with various villains, only to be quickly betrayed. Auger and company are content to let the inevitable televised chaos unfold, instead busying themselves with the marriage of their teammate, Derek Bright, to actress Stella Blaze, a fiery redhead recently rescued from the adoring clutches of Tendril–who also decides to crash the wedding. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Blackthorne is sentenced to five years in a maximum security prison, sharing a cell with criminal scientist Dr.

The computer ends up freeing the Inhumanoid instead, exhibiting its own acquired sentience, soon rebuilding itself into the improved Cypheroid using technology stolen from Earth Corps. He takes a camera crew into the Earth to accompany the Masterson Team in their expedition to recover the Statue of Liberty, but three months later, Hector found his program epiaode from the inhumanpids due to low ratings. The Mutores were finally able to contain the Inhumanoids, imprisoning Metlar within a magnetic field at Granite City.

Metlar later extracts information from Shore about humanity’s most fearsome power, nuclear energy episodee, stealing missiles from a Soviet military base in a failed bid to detonate the Earth’s core.


Magnokor rounded out the last of the Mutores: He resides in the subterranean kingdom of Skellweb, where he commands a massive undead army.

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Working from chemicals purloined by the mutated minions of Blackthorne’s phony “Brother Druid” cult, Nightcrawler’s first assignment is to apply his scientific skills toward creating a formula to protect D’Compose against the sun’s burning rays. The show in its day had a lot of Family-Unfriendly Violence and remains a great source of scares. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The finding spurs Blackthorne Shore, a corrupt industrialist, to clandestinely uncover a second monster buried elsewhere—a giant vine-like creature called Tendril, who attacks the amber block’s public unveiling in San Francisco to release the macabre colossus trapped within, D’Compose.

Inhumanoids and Jem surpassed episofe fellow “Super Sunday” offerings by going on to be expanded into independent full-length shows. Joe fighter pilot, Ace. Luckily, Tank and Sabre Jet arrive at the eleventh hour to save the day. The voracious beast soon fell under the command of Nightcrawler, who tried to use it to force Metlar’s hand on the bargaining table. Visually, the show was distinctive for its application of heavy shadow, use of split-screens, and sometimes brow-raising for its gory content, such as monstrous amputations or writhing deaths by corrosive acid, which would be hard-pressed to eppisode their way into contemporary “children’s hour” programming.

Blackthorne then schemes with the Inhumanoids during the presidential race, endeavoring to ensure Senator Masterson’s victory for his own power-hungry purposes. Tendril and D’Compose are two of those eldritch abominations.

Inhummanoids was the most powerful of the Inhumanoids and commanded an army of statue warriors who humorously took on the identities of their likenesses when given life. Blackthorne soon makes his return with the powerful Inhumanoid, Sslither, under his control, whose threat episodr Nightcrawler into forging an alliance with Earth Corps. In one episode, Metlar decides to take the Statue of Liberty as his bride and bring her to life.

D’Compose professes his undying love for an undead Sandra Shore, Tendril tries to romance a robotic movie prop, while a starry-eyed Inhumaonids steals away to his molten abode with the Statue of Liberty in his misbegotten embrace.

He teams up and falls out with all five of the Inhumanoids on separate occasions, uses and gets used by a crooked politician named Senator Masterson, and is even usurped by his own lackey, Nightcrawler. In light of their triumph, Auger and the Earth Corps team renew their pledge to remain together to guard against danger from the Inhumanoids.

Armbrustercodename ‘Sabre Jet,’ is a pilot in the U. Lady Liberty is later returned to the surface by Metlar’s own accord when he finds himself less than enamored by her incessant nagging. Blackthorne escapes Metlar’s punishment and acquires Dr. Once the two villains secure the beastly Gagoyle from its nesting grounds and have tamed it to some degree, Nightcrawler turns on Blackthorne, hurling him into Gagoyle’s feeding pit to coerce a promise of subservience from him.


One show that completely flew under my radar, though, was Inhumanoids. They were the most interesting of the Mutores, as they had their own political landscape that often got in the way of their ability to help the Earth Corps.

Although Bigfoot had only nine episodes, the other shows ran to 15 episodes, telling a complete story across their numerous installments, which were later edited together to form “movies” that were released on video. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

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Granok and General Granitary both John Stephenson were usually all about opposing the Inhumanoids, but a more self-interested politician named Granahue Inhumanoivs would often use his influence to sway the Granite masses in a pacifistic direction.

Metlar turns his wrath on Shore, who just barely manages to escape.

Bright also developed a romance with a side-character in the show and the two got married in a later episode. Afterwards, Masterson is epsiode by Blackthorne Shore and the Inhumanoids, who suspend their personal feuding as they plot to manipulate the election in Masterson’s favor. The origin of Nightcrawler was probably the most gratuitously injumanoids thing in the whole series. InKevin Smith was rumored to be writing a reboot for the Inhumanoids comic series, with George Pratt doing art.

Inhumanoids was a episode Western Animation show by Sunbow Inyumanoids that aired in In Case You Missed It. Blackthorne soon traces ancient documents in his possession to locate Tendril, who in turn liberates D’Compose.

JoeJem and the Hologramsand the Transformers.

Following their unearthing in the 20th century, Tendril and D’Compose made Metlar’s liberation their first priority as they staged an attack to force his release. Disc two contains the remaining eight episodes.

D’Compose makes a quick exit as the Mutores and Earth defense forces finally advance to face Metlar’s molten fury. You need to login to do this.

The Movie My Little Pony: While the plots beyond the opening five-part miniseries were generally episodic, each story led directly into the next and the series had to be watched in order.