But no matter how many times people fail you, one should never fail, before one’s self. The problem is simple. We feel his pain, but fail to understand the lack of caring he often displays towards others. A week in the life of a young singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of The bit characters are fun and unusual in the Coen Bro’s way, but do little to ease the 90 minutes of crass, immature, self-defeating, out-of-touch and eventually just pathetic life movements from Lleywn’s character For Coen Brother fans, its worth the journey; for general movie fans, be warned, as this is an interesting film, but arguably not an enjoyable one. The music is beautiful and moving. He’s your 50’s college roommate who cooks on a hot plate and sings about historic heroic starvations. During his travels and travails, Llewyn encounters people ranging from the genuine his singing friends Jim and Jean, played by Justin Timberlake and Carey Mulligan to the absurd a rotund, blustery John Goodman.

The in- and-out mythic references are unfocused and a game for undergraduates. Perfectly casted, perfectly scripted, perfectly filmed; perfectly entertaining. I’ll lead with the greatness. Best part is the recreation of the early 60’s in cars, atmospheres, but then John Goodman shows up from “Where art thou? There’s very little here–a struggling unpleasant man who sings his heart out about standard “folk” catastrophes but can’t take care of himself as he goes about damaging others, and animals as well. Joel Coen, Ethan Coen Writer: The Coen Bros have used the theme of “driving at night” time and time again to make some great scenes, usually emotionally charged personal voyages.

The Coen Bros could have taken the plot line in any number of ways to give the viewer some foothold to hope that Llewyn may end up on the right track one day. We lllewyn his pain, but fail to understand the lack of caring he often displays towards others. Insude a political or sexual agenda it got you chicks it did flounder, but it needed an audience for shifting values and social awareness.

Their characters struggle with their messy quirky lives but we see them as curiosities rather than representatives of subtitlss important. Best part is the recreation of the early 60’s in cars, atmospheres, but then John Goodman shows up from “Where art thou? The story is based in the folk music scene of Greenwich Village in the pre-Bob Dylan days.


Their main character this time out seems to think life is filled with only careerists sell-outs or losers those who can’t get a break. Llewyn is nothing if not complex. A genius before his time?

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The city was cold and dreary, much like the s Manhattan depicted in this film. So while the songs are real and the characters are often inspired or based upon real artists of the time, Llewyn’s story is pure Coen fiction.

The best parts of the film are not the Manhattan scenes, but shbtitles drive LLewyn takes to Chicago. This movie is an experience, it indirectly breaths life into each of our souls, and should appeal to anyone in touch with the most crucial human emotions: There is a nobility in pursuing your dreams when such dreams consist of the pursuit of an art form.

The problem is simple. Hold on tight, because it is one experience that will remain with you long after the credits are through.

Hardly–a guy who can’t take care of himself, or his friends or family or lovers–anything but “folk. He captures that crisis of self that’s necessary for an artist whose talent and passion is just out of step with societal changes.

As insidr, the Coens provide us a constant flow of interesting and oddball characters. But amongst the lllewyn, there are moments of cheer, and laughter and peace reminding us that good still exists. I certainly do not need films to end with rainbows and hearts, but this script really forces you to watch a man stuck in a static world where his own actions cause him to go nowhere, and that is a frustrating world to inhabit for 90 minutes.

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We get how his need for money overrides his artistic integrity as he participates in the novelty song “Please Mr Kennedy”. Instead, brace yourself for the trials of a talented musician who believes the music should be enough. He’s your 50’s college roommate who cooks on a hot plate and sings about historic heroic starvations. Oh, and a cat that travels with Llewyn – at least until he can get him or her back to the owner.


This is admittedly a criticism, but more an observation. Isaac himself performs Llewyn’s songs, with a sweet, vulnerable voice that offers a touch of soul to Llewyn’s otherwise-bleak surroundings.

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Moments later he is lying in the back alley after taking a whipping from a mysterious stranger. Their work is lleqyn by life’s obstacles and tough luck, even if brought on by a character’s own poor judgment.

Fantastic sound, atmosphere, acting. The Coen brothers masterfully show us not only Llewyn’s perspective but also an outside perspective; this allows us to feel both empathy and loathing lleewyn him.

I assume that most people, like me, gravitate toward wanting to root for the struggling artist. This might be the ethos of the Coens and their films themselves–within society but not of it.

It’s not that Llewyn is constantly sneering at everyone, holding lkewyn poverty up as both a shield and a trophy, it’s webacr he is so multilayered that when he does a kind act or offers some praise or thanks, we don’t feel that his doing so is in any way out of character.

Carey Mulligan as Jean has one of the film’s best and most insightful lines when she tells Llewyn he is “King Midas’ idiot brother”.

That is the takeaway, and the Coen Bros intentionally force this upon the viewer. One’s suffering couldn’t just be for one’s art, but had to have a social dimension that this guy can’t see.

Coen Brother stories revolve around those who carry on and have blind? And the movie, like Llewyn’s own life, appears to have no point – except to illustrate just how pointless Llewyn is making his life, through his stubborn marriage to his craft and a desire to stay uprooted.