Well as long as they didn’t spout crap like “because of love I could do that.. It will take considerable time to get them all. Neizai was one of the original creations designed to fight Seikishin and had been reduced to a core crystal and was planted into Ulyte. Why did Seikishin need all that time to regenerate, only to now be practically invincible? Meh, I liked the show better when it was pointless school comedy. That makes a little more sense. I really think that the man needs 2 things:

Granted, that happening, and then Kenshi deciding to stay would have been a bit typical of this time of show, but it would have made more sense. July 30, at Maybe you understand what I mean and if you don’t it really doesn’t matter as long as you thought it was great! Standard procedure for me was to watch an episode of the show and then read your commentary. Well as for Question 11, in the Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari manga, Kenshi has a dream sequence during his illness in episode 1. It’s only an assumption though since they don’t directly tell us anything other then Geminar used to have the ability to send people to other worlds and that one of the dolls left Geminar. Nothing to extraordinary but nothing to really complain about aside from some bad-looking sequences in the final battle when Kenshi went in for the attack.

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The King of Monogatafi reports that his forces have breached the checkpoint fortress and soon join up with the Swan, Church, and Havoniwa forces. IMO, one of the reasons OVA 1 is considered the best of the lot is that Hayashi kept Kajishima from wandering off the reservation and kept things tighter.


She chose to continue on as Mexiah! I was hopping for a better fight. September 8, at But the core crystals ate away and destroyed one of them and because of the crystals they became one entity, with whoever being stronger at the time being the one that appeared.

Ulyte collapses and turns into Leia, aka Neizai. If you are really desperate to see it instead of waiting for Hakubi fan subs to finish then you can go to nyaatorrents. However, when I finally got around to see Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari wasn’t familiar with it before watching it I simply could not stop watching one mo after another.

Anyways, like I said before, this Anime would have been better as a Romance. Neizai’s and Gaia’s core crystals were excavated and put into the young Ulyte and his brother Babelun. Kenshi easily defeats Dagmyer but the fight costs enough time for Seikishin to completely revive, whereupon Doll enters to pilot it.

Posted in Anime Tags: Ah I just checked the wiki. The ending implys they will do more, perhaps a second season.

K likes to play around with the fun stuff a bit too much, not properly balancing the fun and info parts of his shows. I don’t feel like finding the screenshot of Tenshi’s dad with dsicussion new wife pregnant. I’d rate the series highly but this final episode – the final battle in particular – was a bit of a letdown in several aspects.


Why only one Light Hawk Wing for Kenshi? Kenchi is younger than Episodde was when he produced 3 and he could later on produce 6, so it is possible due to his age 1 is his current limit.

Tenchi is his half-brother. Thus the Swan is able to bypass the checkpoint and make it to Seichi. Does that mean the other was Tokimi?

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XD I discuxsion to gogoanime i think. He also had a Juraian head thing show up. Granted, the ending was good, but there are a ton of questions left an unanswered. I don’t download it. To answer your spoiler, Yes, she is. Anyway the ending was a letdown. Great ending, and also a great anime: I am mostly consumed by the ongoing shows right now fpisode I haven’t had time to watch other series. There okay subs, not the best,doesn’t look like American English but it is understandable.

Reaching into the Seikishin cockpit bubble, Kenshi uses his Seikijin to retrieve Doll.

I guess he could be Tenchi’s brother then. I suspect Dagmyer will play a roll as one of the Enemy’s nl the second season assuming they have one.