Happy the chief era is over, loving the taxi war versionof Isibaya, now bring back Sunday he is missing in action. Mpiyakhe finally gets to the truth. Shadrack tries to talk to Lerato and ends up confiding in Ma Doris. I will stop watching Isibaya should Thandeka and Sbu divorce Mandla offers his help and gets himself into hot water. Sunday plays mind games with Thandeka. Isibaya’s storyline is too slow. Madwoman 25 May

Jabu gets a cold shoulder from his father. I think Qondi is secretly inlove with Bhekifa what is she doing back at the lodge, now Bhekifa is not there she has forgotten about her secretarial work there when he comes back she’ll also go back. Channels in this post: Zwelikhona 17 Jun Mpiyakhe and the UTA leadership confront Samson. Feeling guilty about his growing feelings, Jabu tries to avoid Zama. Thursday 20 November Episode Meanwhile, Thandeka is not getting better.

Bhekifa continues to woe Qondi. I dont get it.

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Bhekifa reveals his true pain. Judas pledges to his wife that he will get her the revenge she wants.

Going through financial problems is normal when you’re the young couple Siphokazi and Phumelele clear the air. Zweli makes a high-risk choice and tries to manipulate his own blood.

Thandeka is rushed to hospital. Shows in this post: Mabuyi is cute but i dont like her role in Isibaya, i hate her character with a passion, hope september is the last mnth 20144 is on our screens, we have been tortured enough. Am not loving this season shame, not interesting at all. Thandeka and Sbu try to resolve the issue of the unhappy mother. Fezile seems to be moving on with his new love interest.


Sbu and Thandeka might as well go back to Kenya there is no life and no jobs in jbrg.

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Samson takes in the consequences of the Ngwenya deal. Jabu slaughters a goat in the presence of Mpiyakhe. His presence will cause problems in Thandeka n Sbu relationship.

Do Not Change This: Gugu accuses Imani February 25, Blade is instructed to undo the trail that will lead to Samson. When are the Zungus ever going to have an upperhand. Sihle finds out what Tull has been up to.

Ngwebedla approaches Sihle with his plan. Ngiyabathanda kodwa uSbu noThandeka guys. Kick-start your career on Student Room, the preferred career network for students and graduates. Nunumsi 20 May Jabu puts his best foot forward in an attempt to redeem himself.

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Myb Jabu wil bring somethng nyana ke Kwa-Manzini welcomes a new guest. Bhekifa finds a way to connect with Qondi. Jabu and Iris fight, but he cannot get his mind off Zama.

Qondi gets a surprise gift at work. Tuesday 4 November Episode Ding Ding tells Shadrack that he is not valued at the Zungu homestead. Hope she doesnt fall pregnant ahead of thembeka or all the ladies full be pregnant, now that will be interesting.


Ma Doris is tired of playing hide and seek.

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Tensions are running high in a meeting called by the chief between Mpiyakhe, Judas and Samson. I thnk its better dan isibwya last few months Bhekifa goes to the Zungus, making them believe that Samson was behind the tragedy. Thursday 6 November Episode Nami Q ngifana no Thandeka noma Qondi. Jabu is distressed about Zama.

Samson pays Iris a surprise visit. Thursday 6 Juyl Episode Manipulation Thandeka finds out who the woman that has been visiting her and Sbu is.

Jabu gets given a task.

Wednesday 22 July Episode Almost Caught Jabu shows willingness to reform, while Melusi thinks of his punishment. Mpiyakhe starts to make plans to protect the UTA. Thabile 19 May And I wish u zama and jabu to be together and jabu must go back to his family.

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