Gunjan says I can see numerous great looking men here. The writer of the Paki TV drama serial Behnain Aise Bhi Hoti Hain episode 9th June is so much experienced to write the stories about the social issues and to give the solution of them with his experiments. Tabdeli aye na aye biwi to a gai Sanskar says they will effortlessly continue tricking her gang. Shyam gives the papers to Khushi. Meanwhile, Anjali is very confused about Arnav and Lavanya’s relation. Nani is keen on getting Arnav married and brings him a marriage proposal.

Arnav asks Khushi to leave on seeing her in the kitchen. He later returns to pick her up, but Khushi refuses to go with him. Did Khushi meet with an accident? What do they want? Payal shares her ideas for the fancy dress competition with Manorama. Khushi and Arnav think about each other. On the way, he sees an accident and learns about a man and woman being injured. He thinks she is unwell and asks her to sleep in her room.

Khushi sets up a meeting with Akash to talk about the matter. Zakir expresses profound gratitude and clears out. Payal is worried that Manorama will ill treat her atar marriage.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

They renew their marital vows. However, Anjali tells him about Khushi getting the contract for the sweets. She calls up the police and gets them arrested.


Khushi wants to retrieve a figurine from her office desk before she leaves. Will Arnav propose to Khushi?

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon – video dailymotion

Arnav goes to the party when he learns that Khushi has accompanied Lavanya to the party. Meanwhile, Shyam deliberately falls sick to avoid meeting Khushi. Payal lies to Khushi about her love for Akash. Shyam tries to dissuade Madhumati from going to Raizada house but she is determined. He enter with cash pack in lieu of helping them discharge Meera and says he truly adores Meera and needs her doin of criminals nook.

Khushi is scared to enter Arnav’s house. Sandhya and Bhabho come to Zakir. Anjali gets gifts from playet husband.

Madhumati asks Shyam for his horoscope. She asks Arnav to stay back for the pooja, but he refuses. Rekha says she feels doonn for a kid, she is bearing oversight of not going for polio for Keshav, I gave great qualities to my children, they don’t get rowdy. She then decides to look for Laxmi. On the way, he sees an accident and learns about a man and woman being injured.

While celebrating Bhaiduj, Anjali shouts at Arnav for being rude to Khushi. Arnav and Nani argue about Lavanya. She asks where kys he, and searches for him. But Khushi retaliates and punctures his car tyre.


Khushi plans suicide

Anushka sharma kii mjodgi kii wja sy Virat kohli nyy aak Catch Drop kia and aak over men 7 runs ka izafa kra dia. Sooraj calls Sandhya and converses episodee her. Soumya grins and says yes, and you think how to express gratitude toward Suhani for this state. Titu says its Golu’s ticket.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon ()

She comes to Raizada house while Anjali and Manorama talk about her. He is horrified when he realises that Khushi is trapped in the building. Later at the party, Arnav insults the guests for gossiping about him and Khushi. She gestures and close the entryway. Everyone is happy as Akash thanks her for accepting Payal.

Khushi informs her father about the job offer and manages to get his permission to work. Nani is also irate that Manorama is a slacker when it comes to housework.

Nanda Kishore plans to sneak out of the Raizada house to see Khushi at midnight.