And of course all your investment, by the way, is going to be at risk, you said that? No, no further than what is in the commitment letter, but there is nothing that would be in definitive terms that would change the basic deal points that were issued on the attached schedule. We keep going back to the issue of a finite number of films released by the studios that are first run films and we object to that as being the sole content of pay television. I think inevitably there is a repeat, because I think there is a bit of a rule of thumb that you launch one or two new titles a day, if you can, and inevitably there is going to be repetition. I think, as Mr. No, that wouldn’t be accurate. Well, forgive me for harping on a particular theme, but I really think that it is programming, programming and programming. French, calls rivalry, or you call competition, into the market and that the marketing and promoting that is entailed in that activity will result in two things happening, an increase in the number of subscribers overall and a sufficiently high revenue per subscriber figure so that your Chart B red arrow will be achieved.

Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des. Free ebony porn clip. And as you can see a part of the team here, there is some great talent here. Burger if he could provide two weeks of programming so we would have a better sense of what you would actually potentially be running, recognizing you wouldn’t have any agreements for these programs. Sorry, if I could just add. But the perspective that I am trying to articulate to you is a perspective that I perceive in the interventions of a number of producers. So, in effect, you are an infant industry and the Commission is affording you protection while you grow up to the robustness necessary to compete on your own?

If we didn’t have to attach it to our margins and therefore cut down the extent to which we can penetrate the market, we would see really any change. My question wasn’t really about capacity. Today they are carried into more than a million Canadian homes.

Grant was just presenting it now, to let them select the three, enter into exclusive agreements and leave the other three open to offers.

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In other words, people have to pay a price per title for those things and it gets you a sense that Canadians are stepping up to the plate and paying the same amount really comparably as the Americans are for movies. So those are essentially inflated figures. Again, it is in our budget. I think that you are dead on. To be honest, the fortunes of the studios rise and fall and so to be able to speculate at this moment which are the most important, which are the least important, it is very difficult to put the Commission in that role.


I have your general answer. I don’t have that actual number in front of me, but because we are strictly in the digital world, I’ll do this in sort of rough numbers if I could. It’s not public, but you can calculate it.

I’m sorry, that just took me by surprise. Well, you would have to take a look at the whole circumstance. What the Canadian Film Channel brings is a complete and utter focus on Canadian film and that focus is played out in the fact that obviously everything we create or any licensee creates as Canadian. Given the variety of programming shorts, documentaries and features, I would anticipate that around 10 per cent or more of the broadcasting day would be new content that hasn’t been broadcast on television before.

I would like to talk to you a bit about your subscriber forecasts.

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Then what would be the first year contribution? Well, we just sort of felt what Cal was saying, that if we do go over italiz million and a half dollar threshold, then we will be going into, you know, government funds, and that’s not the intent.

And as you can see a part of the team tilm, there is some great talent here. What portion of your schedule do you anticipate would come from producers in the various regions that you plan to have acquisition and production community liaisons?

Could certainly get you a box if you need one.

I am not sure that that is necessarily the case. We can offer you the database and we can offer you our counts of other distributors’ titles available. Burger if he could provide two weeks of programming so we would have a fi,m sense of what you would actually potentially be running, recognizing you wouldn’t have any agreements for these programs. Perhaps I could address that Commissioner. I think first of all, we have told our competitors quite a bit about our business plan already so I don’t want to get into too much detail.

I have the feeling that I am not going to be sitting down with them for quite some time. If you want to, please do. We will continue to regulate this market for an indefinite period? Burger, that argument is very powerful, but it would be a hell of a lot more powerful if you weren’t asking for the exclusivity arrangements and the policy from the Commission with respect to the majors who unxer currently supplying the incumbents, that’s all.

What were you referring to there? Porno izle online olgun seksi anne. It is either going to be us or it is going to be the producers and much more likely the producers, because there is far more of them than there are of us. When am I going to be able to buy one, Mr. I want to talk uncer little bit about this idea that Spotlight has put forward, which I would hnder as follows and you are free to feel that I have mischaracterized it.


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Assuming that the requirements, though, were the same for both pay services, is there a BDU carriage capacity below which you don’t feel that the Commission should italix access for pay services? Lateks tulum porno izle. It would just be our profitability that would be affected.

And not only that, I have been told by Bell they are on backorder and not available.

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No, not at all. Nice levering on that one.

The next one is the impact solely on us. So the Commission would adopt a policy that it would state would be “transitional” or “for a short period” but would not specify what that transition or short period would be? And, of course, we will have our fair share of interest as a partner, but certainly we will be at risk with every other investor in the project. Penetration of pay TV is a fraction of what could be achieved. I say this because we make certain proposals and certain assumptions and a business case that presents a very significant upside.

I think that that kind of entity is needed so that the pressure does come off of Telefilm. No, but everybody who is ever going to want digital is not digital yet either.

So in that case you have three competitors there. They’ve been very successful with their program, has drawn lots of American talent to it, actors like Ethan Hawke. Then on the regional, I know you have provided a breakdown that 60 per cent of the production fund to be spent outside of Ontario and of vilm 60 per cent, half will be outside of Montreal and Vancouver.

Just to clarify, the blue line, the middle line, is the incumbents in udner monopoly model, and the green line reflects a bit of an attrition in their expectations, their projections, due to competition. Let’s start with five. It is quite a guess. But why not fewer films or fewer productions and larger budgets for each?