Or will they both still sound the same? Usually, speaker companies don’t either. Our Vault pages may have some display quirks. If you guys really think so then I wonder why did all of the tech guys say that both series sounds the same meaning no difference in sound. Or can I use another brand? The Cost of the N28II pair is about a third of the cost of the individual speakers in our surround system, and metal does sound different than silk. They do not work for my application. Does this affect the sound of the speakers at all?

If not, you could get matching JBL fronts and use the Yamahas as stereo speakers. Shielded components allow distortion-free placement near video monitors. What we’re telling you is the specific differences in the N26 and N26II and how those specific differences affect their performance. Conclusions JBL has made an effort to combine the dynamic range of their highly regarded Pro Audio Line into a product that provides exceptional value. I would like to know what others think about these speakers who owns them or has heard them enough to give feedbacks. Just been busy with work. Or it has nothin to do with that?

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Now we are into the tweeter’s range of output. My observations came from real-world experience with the product and comparison of similar models. Originally Posted by lcswoosh05 So in reality all of the Mark II version sounds better than the original ones even the tech guys borthridge they sound the same?

JBL N26 Bookshelf Speakers user reviews : 4 out of 5 – 38 reviews –

The bottom end was simply too much low end information for this speaker to reproduce at significant sound levels above 80 db. Well, hopefully someone with more expertise will chime in here too. Just one speaker northrideg this problem. Ok well now I would like to know what others that own has heard the N26 think about the overall sound of these speakers.


If you guys really think so then I h26 why did all of the tech guys say that both series sounds the same meaning no difference in sound.

Maybe so that the N26II sounds a little better but is the N26 any good at all? But if they were working and nothin was defective they are great speakers.

JBL N26 Bookshelf Speakers

It is not like smacking a battleship, but it is a decent effort. Buddy is backed by G. I don’t know if that is for one speaker or for a pair. So you could get the JBLs for rears. I am looking for a budget priced home theater system something not too expensive but at the same time I do not nortnridge the cheap stuff either.

The reviews can provide you a solid indication of the quality and reliability of their products. AVS Forum articles Contests.

JBL N26 II Speakers – Is this price a good deal?

Again, good results at Hz. Did the N26 have alot of complaints or was the N26 a mistake meaning they should of not made the N26 plastic in the first place.

I listened to the N28II’s for three weeks in both my living room system and in our theater. So you are just talking about the N24 and the N26 model since those are plastic.

Should I just use another JBL speaker? I’ve wondered if a person could line it with some dense sound deadener to help reduce the effects, but I’m not going to attempt it since I’m going to sell them. Are the N26 that bad? While it was apparent that my usual speakers were missing from their normal left and right duty stations, the N28IIs were not disappointing substitutes.

Sirius Sportster Car Kit Reviews. Also meaning I should of not got these and should of got the N26II? If not, you could get matching JBL fronts and use the Yamahas as stereo speakers.

She sounded clear and articulate, her voice taunting and scolding. Stephen Hopkins is offline. Let us know if we reviww to take a look at this page or fix a bug. Surprisingly, while the N28 seemed a bit bright, it was not the first thing that I noticed when the song began to play. Just wondering but what does cabinet resonance mean? They seem to be a little big for rear surround speakers. Or can I use another brand?


First, are these speakers good for a home theater setup either front or rear speakers? You can read carefully reviews from customers to find out more from their experience.

Did you get the speakers? I’ am just excited and can’t wait till I get the N26 since it is an upgrade from erview N24 I use to use. The EOS waveguide is designed to deliver the same response off-axis as it does on-axis. No one has said the entire N II series is better than the original.

Spec sheets don’t tell you how speakers sound. The N28II’s handled this music with aplomb. I wouldn’t use the Yamahas as rear speakers. Thanks for the suggestions. It was obvious during the motorcycle chase scene in T2, as the exhaust tone of Arnold’s Harley panned back and forth across the screen, that there were different speakers on the left and right than in the center. What center channel will go with the N26 II speakers? If you want big bass, then you will have to pair them with a sub. My current theater speakers use silk dome tweeters rather than metal.

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