When Alexa books a Glam Fairy wedding in Texas, she needs more staff to help with the bridal party. Tracy and Olivia have a run in at a club that changes things forever. Olivia finally schedules her boob job, but starts to have second thoughts. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Tracy tries to survive working her first NY Fashion Week. Tracy and Briella bond in the Poconos and Gigi catches Frankie in a lie.

Anthony celebrates his fifth wedding anniversary. Gigi moves into a new apartment, Gayle and Anthony spy on a new business while Olivia brings a much despised business into Anthony Roberts Salon. Gigi and Frankie attempt to make Sunday dinner. Tensions between Tracy and Olivia are reignited, and Tracy dumps her boyfriend Lorenzo to focus on her career. The salon is a finalist to be featured on the cover of a local beauty magazine, with the winner being selected by how well a model is styled at the salon. What can I say? Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Gigi throws a special Gatsby event. Gigi has her three-way talk with Olivia and Tracy. Gayle takes the Gatsby staff on a winery retreat. New York Daily News.

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Can’t get enough of the “Jerseylicious” drama? Bachelorette Weekend Season 1. Filly and Mikey compete in a bodybuilding contest. The Gatsby follows through on Olivia’s idea to turn the salon into a mobile service, starting with a girl’s Sweet 16; Filly helps the stylists get in shape with a boot camp; Olivia becomes Thomas’ muse.


Following Tracy and Gigi’s physical altercation in the first half of the reunion special, the cast returns to finish hashing out their differences. Gayle takes the Gatsby staff on a winery retreat; Miguel books his first Gatsby to Go client; Gigi is forced jerseylicius make an important decision after a confrontation with Michelle.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Tracy and Gigi are having a hard time adjusting to life as unemployed stylists. One person found this helpful. Olivia and Alexa makeover Anthony’s salon.

Olivia holds her own fantasy-themed “Gaga for Glam” makeup class and Alexa decides to shoot a viral video to promote her new Glam Factory. Gayle hires an event planner to help with a mother-daughter reunioon at the salon, but the planner’s bossy behavior immediately annoys the staff.

Alexa is set up on a blind date and asks Olivia to double date with her for moral support.

Now, see the cast face off in a no-holds reunion special! This show makes my wife happy but drives me crazy. Gayle plans to end her partnership with Alexa and Anthony recommends Olivia get the promotion, but she isn’t impressed with her interview.

Prospective stylists get a trial run at the Gatsby; Tracy and Gigi work part time for Anthony. You are not meant to walk away having learned anything.


The staff must style a model for a mock photo shoot as the final test for the cover of “New Jersey: Redeem a gift card or promotion code. Tracy can’t focus after her talk with Gigi and wants to get Olivia’s opinion. Come on, jerseylifious Style network is gone but the girls in Jersey are not!!!

Reunion Special, Pt. 1

With a new business venture in the works, Gayle steps on Alexa’s toes. In this tabloid-style special, we recap the biggest catfights of all five seasons. Meanwhile, Gigi and Tracy deal with being fired.

Gigi says goodbye to Carla. Tracy tries to epecial working her first NY Fashion Week. Please update your browser and reload the page. After three seasons of hair-raising drama, vicious fighting, and relationship woes, we count down the top ten moments as voted by the show’s most hardcore fans. Tracy’s parents aren’t speaking to her because she’s living in sin with Corey.

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