The rest of the members of Shugo Chara Egg! Director Kenji Yasuda continued to oversee both Shugo Chara!!! Also she learned that Himeka was their daughter. You Can Read It At www. The fourth and final opening is “School Days” sung by Guardians 4. Maybe Koge-Donbo is still working on it. Kirika has arrived at the festival and is searching for Karin.

She also learns Himeka has a crush on somebody, most likely Kazune known from some clues. Micchi collapses, and Kazune gets drunk. Ore no Uta o Kike! Kirio attempts to steal Karin’s ring by pretending to be Kazune, but to no avail. This page was last edited on 4 February , at Karin’s class decides to do a cafe with costumes for the school festival. There is a four-volume spin-off manga series called Shugo Chara Chan! What is an anime similar to kamichama karin or kamichama karin chu?

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Kazune asks Karin to go out with him alone and not to tell Himeka, because he wants to get something for Himeka’s birthday. Doki— — Legends of the Dark King Basquash! If that is the same as kamichama karin then you can watch it at animeseason. Micchi collapses, and Kazune gets drunk.

Phil Theobald, writing for Newtype USAstates that while the premise may be fairly complicated, “the clean art and solid storytelling by Peach-Pit make it easy to follow. Kodansha Manga Award — Children. Kazune decides to investigate. Your And My Mushi”. In addition to the regular volumes, the series was released in limited editions in Japan, each of which included different cover art from the regular editions, metallic foil sleeves, and a set kamichmaa postcards featuring Amu in various outfits and poses following the color theme of the dust jackets.


Retrieved December 19, The Chronos Clock went haywire, and sent Karin into her past. It’s not out yet Where can you watch kamichama karin chu online? Meanwhile, strange things are happening with the Himekas. Also, Kirika was not a part of the original story. Chara-Narizumuwas released in Japan on August 6, Heavy Metal Thunder Kamichamma 2: On October 3,Shugo Chara! Karin’s ring was broken by Kirio, but she finally remembered her past with Kazune.

However, Kazune is nowhere to be found after the battle. Karin and Kazune almost kiss but Kirio interrupts.

What is bogoanime anime similar to kamichama karin or kamichama karin chu? Micchi is living with them. Crunchyroll announced on November 19, that it will be streaming Shugo Chara! Retrieved from ” https: There is no special edition version of the spin-off series. Top 10 Shojo Properties Q1 “. She also learns Himeka has a crush on somebody, most likely Kazune known from some clues.

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Actually Karin is told by Kazune-Kun and a little by Karasuma that she is Kazune-Kun’s wife in the future and were married before they were born. They get first place Archived from the original on August 22, Ran, Miki, and Su. Episodee January 27, When will Kamichama karin chu turn into an anime?

Karin almost has her ring destroyed in exchange for a fake promise of reviving Shii-chan, but Kazune comes and gogoainme it. While Kazune is drunk, he doesn’t panic as he normally does when a bug passes right in front of him, he says a lot of strange things, then kisses Karin, which causes a lot of commotion. When Kazune finally wakes up after collapsing from the fight with Kirio, Karin and company go to the summer festival, where Kirio kidnaps Karin, actually intending to kidnap Micchi but was too dizzy to aim properly.


Karin’s class decides to do a cafe with costumes for the school festival. Unlike Amu’s other Guardian Characters, she is only seen a few kamichamma in the series. Together they get trapped in the past because of the door of chaos.

However, her real personality is that of a very shy girl who has trouble showing her true personality.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Shugo Chara! The first ending is “Bravo! They find out about their past, including th … e fact that Kazune is Karin’s husband, and so on. Retrieved July 15, Retrieved May 14, The script is a warped version of Snow White starring Karin as the poison-apple-princess, Kazune as an evil prince, and Micchi as another prince. Meanwhile, the Easter Company is extracting people’s eggs, in search kamichamq a special egg called the Embryo.

Karin brings her to her house. In Japanese, the egg is shortened.

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When Karin and Kazune resolve their squabbling, they separate. Karin and the gang go to the beach. In the manga, since it didn’t start in Kamichama Karin Chuit is revealed that Kazune stayed with his sister Kazusa immediately after the battle.

Two songs from the game, dpisode Chara Change!

Consisting of fifty-one episodes, the first episode, “A Guardian Character is Born! Retrieved June 27, Kazune destroys Kirio’s ring but collapses from fighting.