Then the horror of regretful embarrassment when they realized they no longer had that type of relationship broke my heart. And as for the sleeping beauties in the class, that’s what happens when you get unmotivated kids in the school system. It’s nice to still see scenes with them showing the friendship is still there. Whether a student gets high or low marks, learning critical thinking and forming one’s own opinions and ideas are skills that all students should develop since they directly correlate with building self confidence and creativity. I kept thinking last week that Jung-ho was the type to be influenced more by his friends than by the teachers. TS January 2, at 8:

He leaves shooting a wink at In-jae. Uhm Hyo Sup Supporting Cast. It is weird, however, how this class has the top 3 students in their entire grade. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. However, in group projects, work, career oriented stuff – they are better than me because they are able to think more outside of the box than I am. There wasn’t much talking there, but I’ll take what I can get. You can punish them all you want but that’s just going to keep that out of school, then what?

I mean, I get what Injae is saying, that it’s kind of ego-crushing to students who cared enough to get up and go to school that day, but in my opinion, if the students can’t care enough to actually take the test seriously, then just teach them during the test – it’s definitely a more efficient use of time.

The teachers distribute the exams. It isn’t too late to turn back, guys! But last week we saw some of the real dynamics between the three boys.

School 1×09 “Episode 9” –

elisode They’re simply close as seniors and juniors; they’re not lovers, like most seem to think. I wonder who Ha-kyung likes: Kim Young Choon Supporting Cast. You could just feel him emotionally trying to drag himself out of the abyss he finds himself in. As an abused kid who epidode slept through some of my classes without any consequences beyond poor grades – that really resonated with me. Jung Ho seems scheming underhanded and deceitful where the young Nam Soon was likely to stomp you to death.

Love all the little revealing glimpses we get of their past though. Thanks for making me wait all week for that, Drama! Strangely, although I really don’t like her, I can really empathize with the difficult position the principal finds herself in. The group activities are fine I do think she is going the right direction there, although she seems to be doing it at the wrong moment, when they’ve got a specific achievement exam coming upBUT I have to question the CONTENT of what she teaches.


Se-chan declares his intent to help their class study during their mandatory individual study halls, with lesson plans and ideas. Ultimately, this is the principal’s fault. Ultimately, the classroom is not the place to rehabilitate Jungho.

With so many jaded and difficult to inspire students, I think In-Jae’s approach of just trying to get their attention and not having anyone fall asleep is the most realistic first step approach anyone can take, at least before moving on to the next step. And in retrospect, it makes the choice to show Nam-soon as a bullied loner in the beginning of the series even more brilliant; it gets us thoroughly on his side before revealing that his past is Jung-ho’s present, which makes it that much more difficult to hate Jung-ho or to give up on him.

My mind is blow. If I came to my senses now, I thought I would get accepted. I mean, in this way, only episoee who want to get to university or college stay, therefore they are much more eager to learn. Oh Young Shil Supporting Cast. They gripe at the end of class, not caring that In-jae hears them supposing that her teaching method is a result of her being too incompetent epusode prepare them for college entrance exams.

How will I survive until I get my next dosage of rebellion, angst and jjang-teen speak?! Aww, I loved the focus on Ji-hoon in this ep.

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I swear all Jang ,ayem has to do is been seen with a male celeb and the next day there be a story on her latest love interest. I love that Nam-soon and Heung-soo are locked up together.

Se-chan gives her a book summarizing previous state exams and suggests they work on matching their lessons. A toast to awesome dramas for this year. Why put the most high achieving students with the most episodw Please find a way for him to continue to vocational school!!!


I’d run to him too.

Finally the recap is here. Nam Soon and Heung Soo just break my heart cause u can see how they both still want to be friends with each other but they each can’t move past that event three? Episode 6 by Helcat. The moment they receive punishment from Se Chan, i know this is going to be big laugh.

There’s a lot of harsh episodf about her teaching methods, but what makes her a good teacher is that she doesn’t give up on her students. I say this as a teacher.

After all, students often get a rude lyaem after seeing their poor marks on the upcoming state standardized exam which is what gives them their national ranking for the first time —and that can jolt them into working hard for the university entrance exam. He is trying so hard in the present too!

The final image is of NS unconscious with chairs and desks on top of him and HS looking on.

But that’s just so counterproductive. Tyme January 2, at 8: Instead he runs outside, struggling with the desire to go back and the impulse to flee. So is Heung-soo well, more like hotbut that’s pretty much a given since he’s Woo-bin.

Not necessarily because one group is inherently smarter but because they’ve come to the class with a vastly different base of knowledge. Please encourage laywm by leaving a comment below! Lee Ji Hoon Supporting Cast. There are techniques that layrm employ to prevent disengagement, be it falling asleep, not paying attention in some other way, or being outright disruptive.

Layem Episode 9 – ليام الحلقة التاسعة

For example, in our system, if children want to go to that school, they do so after 10th grade of course, after the exams, and they still have the ability to get to uni later, although through the longer way. I got the sense that for Heung Soo, it was the knee joint, which is more complicated.

Unless you meant Sechan.