Retrieved 29 April Although Milan assures him they were wrong to think they would be saved by killing themselves, Pierre shoots himself dead. Victor tells Julie that she was pregnant when she was stabbed by Serge. The police officers are missing and the returned are gone. Lucy wakes up in the hospital, having returned. Retrieved 11 February Simon wakes up in the morgue, having returned again.

Thomas immediately goes to fetch the others, but Pierre stays behind. Retrieved 21 January Both these members of the living seem undaunted by the prospect of joining the undead. Elsewhere, Claire Anne Cosnsigny is dealing with Camille. We see his mother standing in the room as he grieves, but it’s still not clear whether she is an apparition or not. Is he alone now that Toni is gone?

Meanwhile, dam engineers notice that the water level in the reservoir has dropped suddenly. We even learned Victor’s real name! There have been hints that some of those we assumed were alive might actually be dead — Julie being the most obvious example — so I wasn’t hugely shocked when the horde asked for one final returnee. But they quickly discover that they are no match.

But how had he come to be there, and to what end?

The Returned: episode-by-episode

Television Drama Episode recaps blogposts. Julie makes the decision to follow Victor, and Claire does the same for Camille. She is later discovered dead from “self-inflicted” stab wounds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 22 February And why was she so insistent that Camille and Victor join the collective while serial killer Lez was allowed to stay with the living at the Helping Hand?

We are whisked back in time to learn something of Victor’s past, and later see his preternatural calmness unnerved. Laure and Julie reignite their recaap. She later learns that her father has been trying to understand why certain people have returned but not others.


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A beguiling and baffling finale that asked viewers to accept the inexplicable. In a flashback it is revealed that Milan killed Lucy 35 years earlier.

Victor Swann Nambotinalong with his younger brother and mother, survived the flood, but not everyone was as lucky. Mme Costa, Victor and Camille are summarily handed over to the horde, while Julie and Claire volunteer to join them.

During a visit to Paris, Stephen King remarked on being a big fan of the show and later tweeted about it.

While they try to resume their lives strange phenomena occur: Retrieved 27 May Victor has an argument with Milan which is interrupted by an officer. The horde of the undead arrive — and they want Victor. A thrilling denouement or a shameless act of kicking the can down the road? Retrieved 4 September Well, I say witnessed; in typically opaque style, devenants that was shown were the Helping Hand and its occupants, as the gendarmes opened fire on the undead outside.

For its American showing, the series received a 92 out of rating from Metacriticwhich averages critics’ reviews, based on 28 reviews. Some sort of threshold that they’re unable to cross, perhaps? For the most part though, the horde don’t seem all that interested in the living. Lucy rfcap Nathan on an unknown couple’s doorstep. Of life and death]. I’ve really enjoyed reading them, and hope to see you all again in for series two.

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Revenaants, Thomas, who has at no point been willing to accept the returnees as anything other than threats to his and his family’s security, sells them out here without the slightest hesitation. Retrieved 11 June Victor’s intervention resulted in one of the episode’s standout scenes, as Julie, while trying to save a mortally wounded Toni, is reunited with Serge, her assailant from the underpass.


Victor returns to the shelter and confronts Pierre, who begs his forgiveness. The band’s guitarist John Cummings said in an interview with Revrnants Quietus”They wanted us to start writing it before they started filming it.

Retrieved 29 May However, she might want to rethink that. When Camille’s reczp open her coffin they find only a pool of water.

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Like Thomas, Laure also knows that something bad is happening. In Augustit was confirmed that Mogwai would also write the soundtrack for the second season. In advance of the second-season premiere, the first two episodes of the season received an advance preview screening at the Toronto International Film Festivalas part of the festival’s new Primetime platform of selected television projects.

If not, where are the bodies? Lucy lures Audrey away from the military and takes her to a part of the town where the returned have been living, accessible now only by crossing the water.