A poem about a treasure has gone viral and treasure hunters have started appearing in the area. Meanwhile, Vic finds evidence which leads her to believe Ed Gorski is stalking her. This and other evidence frees Henry. Henry, who has been shot in the leg, accompanies Gabrielle into the Crow Nation. Titus had moved into the Weston farm house. He is now the CEO of Barlow’s development company and, when Walt loses, he intends to force Walt to sell his land whereon he will build a luxury resort community.

Archived from the original on October 14, After losing the election, Branch checks out the car that Cady was tending. Both had been at the new casino and were leaving with a sizable monetary win when they are waylaid. Mary Jo Murphy Clark Freeman The victim’s brother had accidentally killed her while trying to urge her back into the Mennonite community. His wife’s ashes are contained within.

And who could not use more family? Henry implies to Walt that he killed the murderer because Walt was unable. He learns Ridges has committed suicide and Jacob Nighthorse burned the body in a ceremony.

With the help of several accomplices, Gilbert manages to escape, so Vic pulls Walt away from his jury selection on the civil suit to help. Hector, however, claims he merely assaulted Beck and took his teeth, which he gave to Henry. During transport, he talks in code, which Longmire translates to learn the cult has been left in the path of an oncoming train to be killed should their accompanying poison not work.

It seems Cassandra’s clients have been duped by the “Psychic,” who tapes her sessions and does extensive research and background checks on her clients to glean information about them. She tells Walt that he was correct about how she would feel, once she knew the truth about her mother’s death.

The son expected to see his father with Mrs. Walt’s trial ends after he is aided by an unexpected witness. Seen List Shows, Episodes. What robbdry Season 4 excel is the writing which besides presenting complex standalone mysteries takes the time to flesh out both main and supporting characters.


“Longmire” Highway Robbery (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

A woman’s body is found on the outskirts of Absaroka County. This and hlghway evidence frees Henry. A long awaited relationship blooms.

It is also revealed that Vic is married, a secret to most people despite Vic’s six months plus residence in the county; and it is not a happy one. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved August 14, In flashback, Longmre is hit on the head and shot by the intruder, while Donna is apparently kidnapped. Branch agrees, but, suspicious, looks into the company’s dealing with Nighthorse. Meanwhile, Vic accompanies Branch uighway the wilderness to stake out a cave in which David Ridges might be hiding.

The woman’s parents arrive at Walt’s office robber say she had disappeared a few years ago. While Walt and Branch keep an eye on Diane, a South Dakota detective calls, saying Bill has been found dead in a boxcar at a train yard.

Titus had staged the rodeo in order to improve the morale of Beltro Farms’s workers, who were illegal immigrants.

Malachi wants Walt to vouch for him at highwat upcoming parole hearing, in exchange for Henry’s future welfare. Nighthorse warns Branch not to collect samples to confirm it is Ridges, as the pyre is on sacred ground.

Meanwhile, Branch and his friend question the peyote dealer and release him on the reservation. At home, she tells her husband: The puncture was deliberately done by someone employed by Jacob Nighthorse, who, when confronted with this information, tells Branch that he needs to let go of the past and look to the future.

Archived from the original on July 12, One of the boys tells Walt they were taken by a ” dog soldier ” with a scar under one eye. Cady and Zach begin a relationship. A murder occurs with the opening of the casino, causing Rogbery to apologize to Nighthorse, for believing he was involved in both Walt’s wife and Branch’s death, in order to get his help.


Your email address will not be published. The man’s wife admits to asking her son to follow him to Sublette’s house.

One of those women was a contest judge who sought revenge for her sterilization by killing the sons. Vic and Sean highwag tortured, and it is revealed she cares more for Walt than him.

Nighthorse is facing continual difficulties. Ed asks how ribbery enemy could’ve prevented it and Walt suggests by leaving town. An inevitable confrontation leads to lives changed. Vic and Walt hunt down Shane Muldoon. Vic and husband Sean take a romantic drive to Wyoming, when a bear in the road causes them to crash.

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Norquist is questioned but denies it. What bothers Sean the most about it was Ed Gorski sent it with a strange number written on the back. Both are arrested for their respective crimes.

Longmjre for the acting and direction. Walt and Nighthorse have another confrontation. The team arrive at the man’s house to find him surrounded by a dozen empty beds. She also asks permission to hire a secretary, a Cheyenne girl named Mandy who later thanks Cady by inviting her to a sweat lodge ceremony where she is adopted into the tribe.

“Longmire” Highway Robbery (TV Episode ) – IMDb

When asked how Robberg has dealt with his wife’s death, she mentions that Walt might confide in Henry. Meanwhile, Branch and Henry set out on horseback after Walt. Retrieved July 17, The team investigates the suffocating death of a wilderness guide. To save Vic’s career, Walt convinces Hector to turn himself in for the assault. A card reads “Happy Anniversary,” but her wedding anniversary is months cash. A safe deposit box gets delivered to the office.

They also do a screen capture of the woman, which they give to the press.