Rishi Bhrigu assures Maharishi Atri and Anusuya to take Daksh’s invitation to Mahadev personally and ensure that he joins the Mahayagya. Menavati is worried as Mahadev goes missing. He reveals that Jata is none other than Lord Shiva. Rishi Kashyap curses Daksh and breaks his relationship with him. Prasuti complains to Daksh about Shiv’s symbol on Sati’s arm. Chandrama’s father yells at Daksh for being irresponsible towards nature.

Mahadev promises Parvati when she faints that he will lead her to the way of truth. Parvati is worried as Mahadev will have to consume the poison during the Manthan. Madanike warns Sati of the misfortune lying in her path on which she has tread upon. Daksh instructs Chandrama to consider Revati as his wife and give her all the rights. A distressed Nandi comes running to Mahadev informing him about Daksh out-casting the descendants of the Lord Vishwakarma. Sati gets married to Mahadev in a grand event. Mahadev kills the monster which had come to attack Sati.

Sati recalls the melodious rendition of Jata and realizes the power of Lord Vishnu.

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Tarakasur becomes furious to know about Mahadev and Parvati’s relationship from Shukracharya. A drained out Sati faints as she enters the courtroom but, a stone-hearted Daksh rebukes to show any leniency towards her.

Chandrama compels Rohini to travel Chandra Lok with him which she agrees. On learning about Parvati’s devotion for Mahadev, Jaya conveys to her that she will be married to the Vindhyachal Prince.

They try to kill Mahadev when he defends their wives but Mahadev takes away their powers. Rishi Dadhichi asks Sati to touch the Shivaling in mamthan to get rid of the conflicting thoughts over Mahadev.


Prasuti is pleasantly surprised to find the mark missing on Sati’s arm. But Shiva refuses to accept the gifts, saying that being a demigod Sati will not require these things.

Jata endeavors his best to complete the work of Daksh. His Guru scolds him and asks him not to attack. He transforms into Kurma avatar to lend support gull Mandar Parvat. Devsena yearns to express her feelings to Kartikey. As per the guidelines of Nandavrata book, Sati prepares a Shivling with clay. Lord Shiva plays a comic drama on Kailash to cheer up Sati. Narad Muni mantahn to Rishi Durvasa that he is afraid of his short temper. In the palace, Lakshmi, in epiisode of Sati disappears and Prajapati Daksh unable to find Sati, scolds the guard.

Lord Shiva encourages Sati to mold herself according to Kailash’s climate. A displeased Prasuti tries to bring alive the caring father hidden behind King Daksh’s heartless principles. Sati is pleasantly surprised to find Mahadev next to her.

The Amrut Manthan Begins

She realizes how she had hurt Onlline Shiva on her way to reach him. When a crocodile is about to attack Sati, Jata saves her. Meanwhile, Sati regrets of this incident thinking of Mahadev’s welfare for her. Bhagirath gull to protect the environment and the deities from Tarakasur’s attack.

Lakshmi is confused by Sati’s behavior. Sati is inconsolable after facing Daksh’s atrocities and vows to burn herself in the fire. She promises to Menavati that she will marry the person whom she will choose.


She then tries to summon Mahadev. Mahadev and Parvati reach Kailash. Kartikey makes plans to fight with Tripat. Narad Muni is elated seeing his cacophony work well.

Dadhichi prays to Mahadev and the giant inside Sadbhish disappears. Lord Vishnu informs Mahadev that if Him Naresh finds salvation after doing Parvati’s kanyadan, then the earth will turn into a desert. Mahadev arrives to stop the war but fails to convince Tarakasur.

Rishi Dadhichi enters the courtroom with his disciples. Sati is elated after marrying Lord Shiva and cherishes the moments with him. Corroborating immense faith in Lord Vishnu, Daksh assures to protect the Gods from the attack of the asuras.

He looks for a remedy. On Indradev’s insistence, his fairy tries to conspire against Mannthan. Meanwhile, Rishi warns Daksh to marry off Sati at the earliest. Daksh decides to do tapasya before the mahamandal meeting.

Nandi explains to Parvati the relationship between love and devotion. Mahadev and Parvati exchange garlands. Lord Vishnu transforms into Mohini avatar and attracts Bhasmasur. Parvati cherishes the moments with her daughter Ashok Sundari at Kailash.

But, Parvati calms her down and assures that Mahadev will never disappoint her. Daksh suggests Him Naresh not to follow his mistake.