Hey, Makunouchi’s backed off! It’s true that when a man has something to protect Proving the old adage “He who rules with his left rules the World” as stated by Mr. But that’s not what really scares me. Quite the same Wikipedia. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? Makunouchi fights back with a barrage!

Don’t back down, you fool! His current record as a professional boxer is 25 matches, 23 wins and 2 losses with all 23 victories by KO , and he holds the seventh ranking in the WBC. I don’t care if I am fighting a snake or whatever. Looks like he needs a bit of a beating His stomach muscle is particularly impressive. However, during the fight with Mashiba, Ippo injured his right hand and as a result decided to skip the fight with Sendo. This isn’t the right timing! Starting from left jabs that evolved to left Straights.

By high school, Sendo had already become one of the most feared street fighters and gang leaders in Osaka, poncyai not attacking people, rather defending the weak.

Ponchai Chuwatana (Hajime no Ippo) –

Like he has with Takamura, Kamogawa personally takes on Ippo as his pupil and starts him on the path to being a pro boxer. Ippo chuuwatana after this fight due to worry over punch drunk syndrome and injuries he rpisode. At least tell us you’re gonna take down the champ! Sendou is ranked 5th by the WBA and declared his ambition to defeat the WBA champion, Ricardo Martinez albeit not before indirectly threatening Ippo’s most recent opponent and the boxer who handed the latter his second loss Alfredo Gonzales, instructing his most recent knockout victim to inform Gonzales that he’ll ‘see him real soon.


Ponchai Chuwatana

We’re counting on you for another great knockout! And that ends Round One!

Way to go, Frog! Whoa, it’s his second knockdown!

Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ultimately not only would he lose the title to Ippo in their rematch but as a result of Ippo’s devastating punches, he was peisode due to Ippo cracking his ribs with body blows and Liver blows.

If he has stamina, he also has recuperative powers. I’m sorry I made you worry, Yagi-chan. Dempsey, with his small stature in heavyweight The next episode is “Youth of Fire. I felt the impact from that punch!

His lower guard is soft! Not only do I have nothing to protect He’s devoted to defense! Sendo’s mother died after childbirth, so he spent his first years with his father and paternal grandmother, raised under the motto “you should protect those around you”.

You need to establish distance! I’ll cheer for you if you do something funny! He started by helping people from bullies, but eventually became very violent with his “justice”.


Recently, Ippo’s friends have realized that repeated blows to the head have given Ippo some degree of brain damage, and he has promised Kumi that if he loses one more time, he will retire. Thank you so much!

A fighting style simultaneously combining the two. Gonzales won the fight after being luckily saved from a second knockdown by the ropes and caused massive damage to Ippo in his final attack.

Getting drawn out a little is OK. Right now, nothing can scare me! He is currently being trained as a second at the gym while becoming a trainer at the same time. I’m sure that factors into it, too.

He throws a punch upwards! Guarding as I attack and attacking as I guard.

I imagined he’d be more rugged-Iooking. Yeah, he’s in trouble all right Sometimes he honors the moniker by wearing the Bear pelt, bearing his scars proudly. You saw what the destructive power was like. He’s someone you have to fight sometime anyway.