Vatel is available on Amazon. At court, women copied Madame de Montespan’s lavish style of dress which was often very loose and unfettered. Before she could formulate a second plan, La Reynie caught up with her. When he died of a stroke in , he was deeply mourned and Saint-Simon says that the court felt lifeless and still. But he was a terrible match for Hortense. Vatel is often, though falsely, credited with inventing whipped cream, which is sometimes called Chantilly Cream, especially in France.

Everyone ate well, walked, played, hunted, the perfume of daffodils was everywhere, everything was enchanting. Sudden death always raised suspicions. The looseness allowed her to move more easily during her frequent pregnancies. Such visits were a tool that Louis used to keep his powerful nobles in line, because they were an honor that could not be refused, but they carried with them the staggering burden of having to house, feed and entertain the entire royal court, which included around nobles and several thousand royal ministers and servants. He definitely had a complicated relationship with his first wife, with whom he had four children, as well as two miscarriages. Anne feared that Philippe might some day challenge Louis or become a center of opposition to him, so she seems to have intentionally tried to cultivate a taste for feminine things in her son as a way to make him less threatening and perhaps even distasteful to the nobility. Madame de Montespan was too prominent a figure at the court for anyone to make an open accusation against her. Incidentally, if you have trouble keeping track of the players, most of the women I mention are discussed in more detail in this post.

Jimson weed causes nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, high blood pressure, rapid pulse, extreme thirst, convulsions, hallucination, headache, and coma. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Presumably, the maid resented the loss of Louis’ attention.

In addition, ,ontespan kept abreast of political events.

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But after many years in the spotlight, the Marquise de Montespan struggled to maintain the upper hand over her rivals and ultimately alienated the king with her unpredictable temper. It caused sores that looked like a syphilitic chancre. Louis exiled him in for plotting with Henrietta to break up Louis and Louise. Philippe is awesome, though.


The first season is nominally set inbut in reality it covers events from that year down to about or a little thereafter. The scandal had become too big and too widely known for it be swept under the rug, especially when the Marquise de Brinvilliers had primed people to think there were an epidemic of poisoning going on.

You want the death to appear natural.

The last years of Madame de Montespan’s life were given up to a very severe penance. Des Oeillets was low-born, the daughter of two actors, which probably reduced the risk as well.

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Next, the baby’s body would be crushed, and the drained blood and mashed bones would be used in the mixture. Charlotte-Catherine de Gramont was already married, montesppan her husband discretely chose to go off and fight in a war. To simplify, first cousins outranked second cousins and so on.

Retrieved 14 September They relocated to Paris, where van den Enden opened a Latin school in his lodgings. Olympe Mancini who was suspected of poisoning her husband was exiled monetspan her sister Marie was banished from court. On top of all that, Philippe also found time for a relationship with Antoine Coiffier, a minor noble who served as his head huntsman whose father, incidentally, may have been a lover of Louis XIII.

Sudden death always raised suspicions. By this point, Henrietta of England had gotten thoroughly jealous of Louise de La Valliere, so Henriette threw one of her ladies in waiting at Louis.

After all, his marriage to Maria-Theresa was an arranged one and probably not one he found emotionally satisfying, so it is likely that his ee affairs were efforts to meet his own emotional needs as well as the more obvious physical ones. Louis had previously made one of her sisters, Gabrielle, whose vows were only six years old, the abbess of the wealthy Fontevraud Abbey. Legitimised on 22 November When both women became pregnant at the same time, they made the mistake of asking Montespan to help them entertain Louis at private dinners, and that gave her the opening she needed.


He completed the ritual by having sex with the woman. But she or an associate certainly provided poisons to women looking to dispose of unwanted husbands. She died not long after this, inat the age of 19, probably because of complications from her labor.

But she allegedly tried to poison her sister, a Carmelite nun, and her own daughter, both of whom survived. The perception at court was that he could easily manipulate Philippe into doing what the Chevalier wanted, since Philippe loved him deeply. So much polyester curtain fabric!

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That being said, inMaria Theresa gave birth about a month prematurely to a baby girl named Marie-Anne, who died about a month later. The duc de Saint-Simon, whose enormous memoires are our best window into life at court, says that as an adult, Philippe was weak of mind and moontespan, excessively timid, obsequious to his brother, and loved to gossip, often making up rumors just to see what would happen.

Moontespan is a rare case of the media toning down historical excess instead of exaggerating it or making it up. Louis Alexandre, Count of Toulouse. Jean de Grandseigne, Marquess of Marsillac She died in Rickman and Winslet as Louis and Sabine. InLouis became interested in Marie-Louise de Montmorency-Laval, who was a lady in waiting to his daughter-in-law.

Françoise-Athénaïs de Rochechouart, Marquise de Montespan

Despite that, Louis climbed down a chimney to see Anne-Marie, and dismissed Madame de Navailles from court. There was also a quick fling with Marie-Antoinette de Rouvroy, but it went nowhere. He became quite infatuated with her, throwing a string of parties for her and taking her to the ballet frequently. Feel the love Cancel fil. I knew I was fucking it up, does that help?