The Atlantic horse mackerel Trachurus trachurus is a semi-pelagic fish species with a wide geographical distribution and commonly found on the continental shelf. Findings can supply knowledge needed for improving fish stock management and promoting plans able to take into account also local ecosystem analysis. Radurization of mackerel offers a potential for extending the shelf-life in ice by a factor of three. Besides a suppression in TVBN and TMAN values, the changes in the physico-chemical parameters including the lipid composition of the irradiated samples in both cases were parallel to those in the unirradiated controls. At 5 and 10 degrees C storage, however, irradiation showed marked effect on suppressing the histamine accumulation in the samples. Age, growth and aspects of reproduction of the mackerel Scomber Abnormal daily temperatures selectively affected targeted fish species—alewives, shad, herring, and mackerel—according to their migration and spawning phenologies and temperature tolerances. Antigenic cross-reactivity among the mackerel parvalbumins was also established by ELISA inhibition experiments.

Variations in stomach contents and biochemical composition of tissues in some marine fishes. Total psychrophilic microbe was not detectable at 0 and 10 days storage but then increased at 20 and 30 days storage to 6. Thus, application of the highest pressure MPa provoked a significant degradation of phosphoglycerate mutase 2, glycogen phosphorylase muscle form, pyruvate kinase muscle isozyme, beta-enolase and triosephosphate isomerase and phosphoglucomutase Thiamin loss was more severe at higher doses greater than or equal to 4. The present study genetically compares the present isolate with other muscle-parasitizing didymozoids. On SDS-PAGE of the purified enzyme under reducing conditions, main protein bands were detected at 28 and 6 kDa and their respective N-terminal sequences showed high homology to heavy and light chains of cathepsin B from other species. Gelatin is one of the most common food additives in the food and beverage industry.

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Full Text Available Sumberdaya ikan kembung Rastrelliger brachysoma merupakan ikan ekonomis penting, umumnya hidup di perairan pantai zona masalebmo dan menjadi komoditi utama bagi perikanan rakyat di perairan utara Jawa.


This study analysed the concentrations and toxic-equivalent TEQ levels of dioxin congeners in mackerel commercially available in Japan in early s. The investigations include radiation-induced shifts in microflora of mackerel during storage, and time-temperature-tolerance TTT studies with the unirradiated and radurized mackerel. Although bite force is a commonly used metric of feeding performance, other factors such as bite pressure and strike speed are also likely to affect epiaode capture.

Correlation between chlorophyll-a and SST is inversely correlated with correlation coefficient – 0.

The microbial load in the unirradiated samples stored at both the temperatures reached the acceptability limit after 7 days at 0 C and after 3 days at 0 C. Full Text Available The first investigations of the thyroid gland and interrenal tissue with reference to the endocrine parenchyma of short mackerel Rastrelliger brachysoma were subjected to histological analysis.

IgE reactivity was investigated using sera from 21 patients with confirmed fish allergy.

As length at hatch is assumed in the literature to be 3. Dried mackerel packed in polyethylene bags as either retail units g or bulk units kg were irradiated with 0 or 3. Impact of radiation treatment on chemical, biochemical and sensory properties, and microbiological quality of mackerel. Theoretical posterior bite force ranged from The analysis also shows that the Danish pelagic fleet This survey was part of the international mackerel and horse mackerel egg survey coordinated by ICES.

At ambient temperatures, the 0 kGy retail units were spoiled by the 5th week and the 3.

Irradiation also caused a larger increase in thiobarbituric acid values which continued gradually during storage. It was observed that bacterial groups having high proteolytic activity and those producing H 2 S were increased throughout the storage period.

This study also revealed that historical isolation was insufficient for R. Population dynamics of the yellowstripe scad Selaroides leptolepis Cuvier, and Indian mackerel Rastrelliger kanagurta Cuvier, in the Wondama Bay Water, Indonesia. Part of a coordinated programme on radiation masaleembo of Asian fish and fishery products. In this study, short mackerels Rastrelliger brachysoma obtained from different retail marketplaces were monitored with the presence of total and pathogenic strains of V.


In toGulf of Mexico and Atlantic commercial landings of king mackerel declined from Cracks were not found during the freezing. The aims of the dpisode were to inventory the helminth parasitesof Rastrelliger sp. The present isolate differs markedly from the previously unidentified didymozoid from an Atlantic mackerel S. Furthermore, prevalence data attained from the current study can be further used to develop epiosde microbial maszlembo. At ambient temperatures, the 0 kGy bulk units were spoiled by the 4th epislde and the 3.

According to the quality index method, the control lot had a sensory shelf-life of 4 days, whereas those of the irradiated lots were extended by 5 days. Isolasi dan karakterisasi bakteri berpotensi probiotik pada ikan kembung Rastrelliger sp.

Could they affect larval survival? The purpose of this research is to know the relation between HCl concentration with physical and chemical characteristics of gelatin and to know the best HCl concentration for gelatin production.

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Bite pressure, estimated using theoretical bite forces at three gape angles maaalembo tooth cross-sectional areas, ranged from 1. Oil sardine and Indian mackerel: These results suggest that sequencing analysis is useful for the discrimination of muscle-parasitizing didymozoids. However, some histological structures including taste buds and teeth of R.

The TVBN and TMA of chilled mackerel increased significantly during storage time, but the values declined in frozen mackerel which might be due to inhibitory effects of freezing on the bacterial activities and hence avoid accumulation of TMA.