Thank you very much! Based from a komiks serial created by Pablo S. Anak ni Baby Ama 2 Hepe arrives and receives negative results of Ariel’s whereabouts. Kung mahawi man ang ulap A must-see film for all FPJ fans!!! There was an issue loading this tab.

Eagle Squad Action, Crime. American Kickboxer 2 Kayo ang humatol He was nabbed and captured. Vener sailed to Santo Domingo and was able to penetrate the island killing some of the pirates guarding the island. Eight cops are organized into an anti-vice squad. Katas ng Saudi The monastery located near the coastline of Santo Domingo.

Posted by Video 48 at 7: Berting FPJa good cop tries his best to keep the oath that he made to his duty. Vener sailed to Santo Domingo and was able to penetrate the island killing some of the pirates guarding the island.

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However, Carbungco, at this time escaped, but the avenging Vener was able to corner him in the coastline and killed him. He needed the help of the town folks but with no guns and only bolos, he gave up the plan… and also help from the authority would take 5 days. Stay connected with contact details for overindustry professionals and companies.


Posted by Video 48 at 8: He still vividly remembered the menacing face of Carbungco. Why Is There a Yesterday?

Katas ng Saudi Try entering your rating mxy. A Dangerous Life Edit Released Updated Apr 15, A band of ruthless, marauding pirates led by Carbungco Max Alvarado and Tuta Paquito Diaz siege the monastery in the coastal town of Santo Domingo killing most of the priests except for three. Lagablab sa Maribojoc After being convicted and jailed for twelve mya for avenging his wife’s death, he swore to evade trouble and live a peaceful life with his daughter Vener had a score to settle with the pirates when his family and some of his town mates were brutally killed when he was young.

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Vener introduced himself to Loreta and Punggi and told them that the monastery was under siege. Thank you very much! Try entering your rating again. Gomez, which was serialized in Pilipino Komiks.

Start your free trial. The fight to the end between Vener and Carbungco.

Minsan ko lang sasabihin Start your free trial. They risk their lives and test their brotherhood in every mission they accomplish. Punggi showed him the secret passage. Palimos ng pag-ibig Another in my wish list, this blockbuster hit of was shown a few days ago at Skycable Cinema One.


Considered as lost and one in my wish list, thanks to the late Fernando Poe, Jr. Keep up to date with entertainment news and follow in-development titles not available on IMDb. Hubad sa mundo The town folks of Santo Domingo led by Loreta Boots Anson-Roa paid a visit at the monastery bringing with them foods and offerings.

Eight cops are organized into an anti-vice squad.

May isang tsuper ng taksi () – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

All materials, unless specified, are the personal property of the blog owner. Disguised as a priest, he entered the monastery.

Vener devised a plan on how to get inside the monastery.

Fights ensued as the town folks subdued the pirates. Not to be missed!!!