Well, see you around, I’ll keep checking in. Did I miss Season 29? Well, flooding will suck. Thanks again, Vloggest Team. Views Read Edit View history. The match was again played in 1. The only way to recover health in this is with golden apples or instant health potions.

A reminder to all, old and new, we use one thread for UHC discussion per episode, so please do not post individual perspectives on the subreddit, and remember to mark fan art with spoilers! It is indeed raining. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Day is not over so maybe there is another Video later. Ultra Hardcore Season 15 – Episode 4″ “Mindcrack: Didn’t forget what day it is.

One day upon looking up various Mindcrackers on NameMC Episoee saw that Millbee’s account name had changed to “TheLikerEz” which set off alarm bells, and found out Millbee could no longer access the account.

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Didn’t forget what day it is. No hearts means people are at full health. Guude is on vacation at the beach with his daughter right now, epsiode probably screwed up his video scheduling and can’t get to a computer to fix it. No self-promotion, personal info, or adult content.


Health does not recover from keeping your hunger bar full. Episode 2″ “Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore Season 4: Some of my stuff seasoon deleted, but they are in a cave now and looking great! Travel between the islands was allowed.

Minecraft – Mindcrack UHC S Episode 1 – Vloggest

I really hope this is actually happening though I am never as hype as this very moment. This page was last modified on 29 Octoberat The next possible one will be Summer as it stands, assuming MC doesn’t schedule any mini-marathons. The first episode was released on 2 April epislde Season 4b is a rematch, another 4v4 battle with the same teams but without the monument. Ultra Hardcore Season 15 – Episode 4″ “Mindcrack: The end art for BdoubleO’s etuo was drawn by Sixelona.

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Views Read Edit View history. Can’t find the timestamp atm of where Guude pressed F3. Please use the talk page for contact. Is this a joke?

MindCrack Ultra Hardcore/Season 4 – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

This page has been accessed 7, times. This was the first season since Season 4 to not feature any debutantes.


The objective was to be the epsode team to complete the monument or to kill the other team. Guude ran from a Creeper as he explains the world border to Breon.

The agreed distance limit was blocks from the center. Content must be Mindcrack related. The fifteenth season of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore is a fight to the death between six teams of three, held just after the 2 year anniversary of UHC.

Minecraft – Mindcrack UHC S16: Episode 1

Breon is not streaming, accidentally streaming a UHC would be pretty not good. The goal is to be the last surviving player by eliminating the competition. It is indeed raining. This season featured 18 Mindcrackers in randomly selected teams. Am I the joke?