A lot of things pointing to it all working out in the end, albeit with a possibly long period of waiting to know for certain. The mouthbreathers whining about the nudity of the walk. Good luck for next season. Fans are trolling themselves by trying to find a tiny sliver of whatever they want to find wherever they can, and then being shocked that that tiny sliver was something they imagined themselves. However, it would be a colossal waste of 5 years of character development. But, well, Melissandre is at the Wall.

He will come back as something else. Well my thought started out good…. But the show has managed to effectively darken my outlook…. Sam in Oldtown, and Sam in general has begun to bore me. Barney and James fight over which one of their fathers will get back together with their mom, Ted becomes a victim of “Zabkatage,” and Daphne becomes inexplicably upset with Marshall. Was Stannis army too much to count? I liked the Cersei and Samwell scenes.

Loved that this season seasin unforgiving and oh so dark, it makes sense because I foresee a few characters getting into positions of power or them getting justice in the next season. I thought she was one of the players so it was odd to skip her storyline… And what about Littlefinger? Theon and Sansa are hunted and soon found by Ramsay.

And before someone brings up Jon being listed as murdered. It has no bearing in reality. Meanwhile, Barney and Robin have a confrontation with their minister, and Marshall learns more about his driving companion, Daphne. So I bingewatched the season just before watching the last episode, which was a perfectly hopeless ending seerie the darkest season yet!

Please feel free to correct any kind of grammar of spelling mistakes. Why even mst him? I do not want to analyse every little bit of this episode, but one thing just needs a bit of acclaim, otherwise it would sink and be forgotten in the flood of information that was this episode. Cersei is a chapter or teo behind where she should be. At least not completely. As a book reader, I knew what was coming, but still.


The discussion about Eddard not being like that, about Lyanna being kidnapped and raped by Rhaegar, about Rhaegar really being a good guy, about Rhaegar giving the crown of blue roses to Lyanna at the tourney? Stannis is dead and his storyline closed. I would say you make men look bad, but you barely qualify for the part.

Then bring him back in secret and hide him away for a while. In terms of quality, the show can only be compared to itself, and I love it. How much of ttu jerkoff would that be? Her training-arc with the faceless men is dark, strange and beatiful. I had mixed feelings about this.

Seaskn, Drogon, and the dothraki was cool. Humans are murky creatures, and is it not humanity for which the ultimate battle is fought?

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King in the North Carolina: I will probably still watch so I can see if he comes back. Tyrion gets a throne……. If Jon is indeed dead, what the hell was the point of the whole wall story? Speaking of which when and how in the name of holy hell did freakin Stannis, of all people, flip to a hoq favorite in the almost blink of an eye and with nothing redeeming? Sounds like a dragon to me. Cersei will find a special place to put that bell.

The clowns who thought hoped? No I agree with you.

I have a feeling those numbers are going to dip drastically next year. After all, with Jon dead, what does it matter who whelped him? But, srsly tho, I fully expect Mel to be the one.


Cogman is good, but the worst among the GoT writers.

Davos and Melisandre are Davos and Melinsandre. Nor any producers, directors, writers, etc.

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Bummer about the daughter, though…. There was never a tiny shadow of doubt until these interviews. And Jorah and Daario will find it. It seems like a long absence seasom necessary for the return to be impactful.

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Surely plotting to ally with esason would have been more interesting. Stannis saved the Wall and Jon. In all honesty, this whole Stannis marches on Winterfell story was badly done, They should have made him rally all the northern lords and all that stuff from the book, Seize Deepwood motte.

Ok, maybe my expectations were to high, or maybe there was some other factor involved, but this was the only episode of Game of Thrones that truly disappointed me.

Why not leave the gate closed and let Jon die with the wildlings? Maybe I will get an explanation next season. That was an unusual season ender for GoT. The opposite was confirmed: No preachy ish from her.

I have this strange weird feeling Brienne didnt kill Stannis, perhaps it was she saw he lost everything and that was a worse punishment than death, I have no idea how this will play out at all….