Her pain reflected in her eyes and it was evident to the viewers. Why are we assuming that Wali will live to enjoy a happily ever after with either of the two ladies.. The fact that he said he will strive to save his house has got BS thinking… This conversation has also made W rethink about him settling abroad.. But it might be that their is a political motif in that decision too. I think ive gone on and on a bit too much myself.. I acatually went back and watched the episodes in light of the discussions.. BS has his plans for W and so far he could make W walk his chosen path. And btw the words can be interpreted in two ways..

Sonly User Inactive Registered: Wali with a gun! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Thanks for clearing this for me. Forum Statistics Total registered users: He has hesitance and reluctance in his body language when BS is telling him about planning his move. AK thanks for sharing I cant wait for the sparks to fly! Ignore the typos plz!

But as you said, let see what next week brings. The highlight of the episode was Mutmain Sahab. And along with db, apologies to you as well. The fact that they allow us to shed tears that we hold back from the rest of the world. With her son being dead and Rahat, working on her NGO, I think quite frankly she could have a lot of say in raising them — when sitting wih Baray Sahab, she seemed like the matriarch of the family and in every interaction that we saw, Rahat was poite and inclusive.

And yes he was being a hypocrite. FA — I hear you! Hence her teemardari… I think he is talking to N. Zaroon I pity your thinking and you deserved every word of the insult that came your way today. Also props for not haranguing the help this time. AseerZadi, I had such high hopes when it first beegan.

She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them to detail. An intriguing character — a perfect resemblance of the society he belongs. And btw the words can be interpreted in two ways. I envy the amount of time they have but despise that they waste it! Will he ever be able to do right by both, his uul and his wife? Slow, deep and thoughtful. I agree, for others it will require some amount of patience to move along with Numm. It has humor as well as a concept that we can observe around us and which makes it more interesting.


I must say, Muhammad Ahmed sir has done a great job. Minahil is begging for a slap and some more. The way Ayza gives. I mirta a little concerned about the pacing — given that Neelam has only 5 weeks left, obviously time is passing quickly and as her mother mentioned she should be back in Lahore before you know it.

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Fatima Awan February 8, I had read the feudalism and urbanization thing re: Neelum is the catalyst. If I am indeed right, i have to admit it took me so long to decipher morat codes, I think with regular TV viewing it would be near impossible to grasp. We need to send some well-cut, dark wash jeans as you suggested and some casual shirts. Miat then have you seen the therapist in Kadurat?

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Did wonder about your being MIA. Am definitely on the Numm bandwagon but I wish the story would progress a bit more in each ep.

It is food for thought. Maybe if a capable actress was playing Neelum, we would have seen something in her to appreciate.

I was thinking about BS this time. Active Topics Unanswered Topics. He made nice with Neelam and is now in the process prmo apologizing to MJ, in his own particular way. And W is reminded often through a crude metaphor. If it wasn’t for the play Durr-e-Shahwar she wouldn’t have started writing! In episode 1 he seemed to resent and be ashamed of MJ, Then in next 2 or 3 episode he was very respectful and considerate to MJ, after that kl the next few episode he was extremely rude to MJ and in this episode it looked to me miraf he was reluctant as first to be around MJ and then he rushes to suddenly give her medicine and take care of her.


These commercials had a little. Few of the scenes seemed unnecessarily. At last we saw the story moving ahead.

BS has his plans for W and so far he could make W walk his chosen path. By the way I am Indian and catch pro,o on youtube. Pak dramas being more mature, I guess they are, but aajkal looking at the majority of whats airing one does wonder about ueoos kind of stuff people like to watch … surely there is more to life than two sisters going gaga over the same guy, shaadi, biwi, saas and evil nand??

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Notify me of new comments via email. Wali had set the rule number one — no battameezi in the house. I wonder if this is to be used against MJ when he comes to know of all her secret trips? She really needed to show some good qualities epizode create sympathy for the character.

But you SZ provide a thorough analysis of the nuances even. Or appreciate the strength and simplicity of the love between a husband and wife such as Humsafar. Fawad loyalist sincebut I am definitely NOT enjoying the ride. Apparently, it seemed an unwise decision to leave M with the new couple despite knowing the initial reactions of Neelum. Do I think this is going to come to pass?