Vexus, however, also has eyes for the schematics, and is willing to disguise herself as “QT2” to trick Sheldon into giving them to her. Jenny becomes the star football player of the high school football team. However, she already has a date with Don Prima, much to Sheldon’s chagrin. Is Jenny merely getting jealous, or is Melody more of a dischord than she seems? Jenny unwittingly dishonors a Japanese vacuum robot while on a mission to Tokyo, and she must restore the robot’s honor. Hopefully, Jenny can get him back to his proper age. Jenny likes them until she sees how they look on her.

Thanks to a screw-up from one of his Cluster troops, Commander Smytus loses a cache of super-powered Pip Crystals to the Crust Cousins. Married at First Sight 6. Jenny’s desire to know the feeling of physical contact leads her to steal a set of artificial nerves from Dr. October 18, Jenny steals a music player and accidentally invents an alter-ego villain dubbed Ruby Rocket while trying to escape; Jenny takes a break from being a superhero and lets her pal Misty take over, but Misty turns out to be unreliable. After being lectured about planned obsolescence by Brad, and later finding herself unable to defeat the energy vampire Gigawatt, Jenny fears being rendered an obsolete robot. When Jenny saves local school geek Sheldon from a gang of bullies, he quickly becomes smitten with her and does not want to leave her alone. A Star Is Born 7. Into The Blue 3.

Wakeman installs a dream chip, Jenny’s joy causes her to abuse its function and she finds herself stuck in dream mode and sleepwalking, causing mayhem in the process. When Jenny mlzatr to develop face-bolts, voice changes, and excess wires growing out of her body, Brad chalks it up to puberty. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Archived from the original on March 16, Armagedroid—once a powerful global protector programmed to disarm and destroy all weapons before he went rogue—returns to Tremorton, and Jenny finds herself unable to stop such a huge robot.


Tuck realizes that he’s not going to die until he lives a full life, and decides to become a daredevil, seeking fame and glory.

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The Teen Team has come to Earth, and they are quite impressed with Jenny’s abilities. Having vowed revenge on her for all the injustices placed upon them, Dr.

Jenny has managed to get herself invited to Brit and Tiff’s slumber party, and, as usual, Jenny’s naiveness leads her to cause mischief all over town to impress the Crusts. Wakeman’s inventions while adding distinctive twistsseems to be the perfect match for her at first; however, Kenny soon starts to display oddly dog-like characteristics. Jenny wants to go to the town fair, but Dr.

My Life as a Teenage Robot S03 E04

This Week’s Top Trailers. Wakeman must stop Jenny before Skyway Patrol can catch up to her daughter. Jenny and Brad’s secret party is a hit, but between keeping the party-goers under control, keeping the house in one piece, and keeping a group of tiny multiplying aliens from invading Earth, Jenny has her hands full.

Featuring Uncle Wizzly, based on the famous creator of the Wizzly theme parks. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: However, “Vee” is actually Seazon in mlxatr, seeking to recruit new Cluster members.

However, he finds himself in hot water when he runs afoul of the scientist Dr.

On her first day of high school, Jenny seeks to make some new friends, and she thinks she can find some in the arrogant Brit and Tiff Crust. Jenny really wants a popular music player called the “Musique,” but it’s very expensive. Wakeman’s mutant lab rats, led by the evil genius Vladimir, plan to destroy her by taking control of Jenny’s body.

Into The Blue 3. Audible Download Audio Books. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Turns out, poor Sheldon was stuck on the aliens’ ship when Jenny got rid of it in the previous episodeand he’s been spending decades trying to get back to Earth even though it’s only been a short time on Earth since he left.


Having paired up with Brit and Tiff, the ex-Cluster Queen is becoming quite popular in school, to the point where even the Crust Cousins can’t compete. But does Brad really want to be rescued?

Travis is afraid of anything mechanical. When 44 refuses, the ambassador commences war against her. Along with a generous amount of creative license. However, the exo-skin turns out to have a mind of its own and refuses to let Jenny take it off or fight a group of alien space bikers.

Sheldon tries to make Jenny jealous by paying Pteresa to be his girlfriend.

Jenny is suspicious of Brad’ new girlfriend, Melody, especially when disasters keep happening wherever Melody goes. Retrieved March 16, Due to internal disputes, the Teen Team has broken up. Desperate to get in, Jenny dons the new and improved exo-skin to pass off as a perfectly normal attractive human girl.

A simple snowball battle between Jenny, Brad, and Tuck is interrupted by a strange robot ambassador who wants to make Jenny the newest member of the Cluster, a legion of robots eppisode on the planet Cluster Prime that plans to enslave humans for manual labor. The Masked Singer 7. Jenny may not like it, but her mother enjoys the chance to teach her daughter After almost getting hit by a truck, Tuck becomes hyper-paranoid about everything, until Jenny shows himself in the future, perfectly healthy.

Unfortunately, the Crust cousins do not share the same feelings and plan to humiliate her. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!