Who, naturally, presumes he must be stalking her. I love how very blunt he is about his disinterest in her. As GF said its a mix of different genres like screwball, , indiana jones and cinderella I laugh hard at that considering she wants to kill Kangwoo at the moment let alone becoming his other half: If, like you mentioned, everyone ends up getting entangled in everyone else’s business, it’ll be a helluva fun ride. Linda July 12, at 8:

At this point, I’m enjoying it a little more than watching so I hope we’ll get to the point where the love’s equal. It stirred that sense of excitement, that feeling that I could feel love on the horizon. Jumping away in fear, Kang-woo lands right in a pile of cow dung. Dalena July 12, at 7: But of course Myung Wol wouldn’t be the one featured – only a Hallyu star can do the role of the saviour justice! I don’t know what the show is about and I am hoping to get my sanity at some point to enjoy the show. ROFL I sure would get a kick out of that one

Below is link for Ep 1. And he had this very quick reaction where MW was going to stab him.

Spy Myung Wol

Reminds me a little bit of Mixed-up Investigative Agency, but a little less laughs so far Can I just say the duck walk round the schoolyard has got to be one of the most unexpected hilarious things from Su.

So different from the electropoppy OSTs we sometimes hear. The older engglish are a hoot. Maybe I’m just impatient but I do appreciate that they’re slowly establishing the set-ups that will make this hopefully solid.


Spy Myung Wol – Watch Full Episodes and Clips –

I hope it continues. I would love watch that person playing.

Episode 12 Full Episode S 1: Englisj to read now! Thanks again, I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully to read the next one if its up: In the meantime, I am staking claim on Eric. Sooooooooo looking forward to watching this after reading the latest recap. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I say she has first dibs: Hey I was looking for a place that recapped TW Dramas!

I haven’t been able to keep up with any dramas since I had my son 4 months ago but this might be the one to bring me back. Hee-bok returns and sends his reply message to be broadcast by radio… except the DJ makes a last-minute change to his monologue. I can see it being done as a movie, but as a drama I like the puppy since he had the similar role in WUAS. The question is who falls for who firstand what happens to whatever plan MW has when she realizes she really love shim Smile.

But let’s discuss for a minute how sizziling this pairing is?

Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Thanks for the recap! She is so serious about her job but she is funny and likable too. Off to the stream it is, to wash his hand. Myung-wol and Kang-woo are most of the reason why I’ve been watching, because their interactions are simultaneously hilarious and cute. Wow, that never even occurred to me. Is there really a mosquito there, or is he just really, really weak to the power of suggestion, as with the snakes?

So I want to enter in that one.


Spies – Episode 2 /HD/ Eng Sub

Your recap made me wanna jump right in and watch the show with or without the subs. Kangwoo is more than just a hallyu star. It’s a very interesting story! I love that the cost of insulting her vanity could be his life.

So he asks for his help again this time. Although it’s only the third episode, I think I’m becoming attached to these characters. Myung-wol reminds me a lot of Eung-jae in MIA. His face is plastered on the bus stop, the bus, two highrises above her, and even the nightclub business card on the ground at her feet.

Spy Episode 2 – 스파이 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

Meanwhile Ryu flies to Singapore first, to witness the sale of one of the ancient books. Everyone is so quick to recap now.

Kangwoo’s is certainly more than what we’ve seen. Like the child she is, In-ah retaliates in the only way she can, swiping in the air to slap Myung-wol — only, that gets her arm twisted behind her. So they both have alterior motives for being with each other.

The composer was cheeky: SHOW bring it on! Thank you so very much for the recap.