How will Corinne and Ryan be able to handle the new challenges they face? The veteran screenwriter also … Read More. Last Wednesday September 30, , Jerome posted a photo on his Instagram account that portrays that he is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; …. Also, Leandro is very much determined to fight for Cecilia. One day, Paciano decides to work at Manila. Cecilia’s dream of going to Manila will become true. Ruby Leah Castro Jillmer S.

Cecilia then realized that life is too short to bear anger in her heart and she learned to forgive and let go of the past. Cecilia tells Leandro to stay away and live with Toni, and her daughters become heartbroken seeing their father leaving them. Upon seeing her daughter give birth, she felt proud because Corrine was able to surpass all the challenges she faced in her early pregnancy. Teens have a tendency to be implusive and most of the time, stubborn when it comes to dealing with life situations. The two pairs of siblings prove that blood is thicker than water. One day, Paciano decides to work at Manila. One day, Paciano decides to work at Manila.

At an early age, she was abandoned by her father Paciano Dominic Ochoawhich made her hard to trust people. Ruby Leah Castro Jillmer S. But as a sister, she still cared for Ryan and even took the couple under her wing.

Cecilia Vina MoralesToni Denise LaurelCorrine Jane Oinezaand Bea Loisa Andalio stood up for their own beliefs about love, allowing viewers to learn life lessons from the struggles faced by the characters.

She and her mother moved to Manila so Cecilia can go to college in order to find her father. They eventually fall in love and will have a child of their own. On the other hand, the year-old Corrine was a first year college student when she got pregnant. Teens have a tendency to be implusive and most of the time, stubborn when it fkll to fhll with life situations. However, she realized the error of her ways when her daughter Corrine Jane Oineza almost suffered from a miscarriage. Because of this life finsle, Cecilia also realized that she cannot live alone and she cannot stand seeing her loved ones suffering, even though they broke her trust in the past.


Five realizations from Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita starring Jane Oineza, Vina Morales |

She even stopped giving him allowance when Ryan and Corrine decided to live together. When Cecilia Vina Morales learned about this, she drove Leandro out of their house. Ginny kasi ay content head na po ng iWant para sa mga nagtatanong I will be … Read More. She and her mother moved to Manila so Cecilia can go to college in order to find her father. She agrees to marry Leandro for the sake of their child. In the end, when Carlo search for himself and life, he goes back to his wife and decides to live with her and his children.

This distracted him from his studies and as a result, he failed his thesis defense. After the two got married, Dolores later dies from cancer while holding her newborn granddaughter Corrine in her arms.

As the finale approaches this Friday, October 16here are five realizations from the afternoon teleserye. Her hopes and dreams shatters when she discovers that her father has another family, and that she doesn’t have enough money for college. Jane Oineza and Loisa Andalio. What will they do when the people they love … Read More.

Views Read Edit View history. But she was lucky to find a person who will make her trust and believe in love again — in the person of her husband Leandro Christian Vasquez.

Retrieved from ” https: As a result, Ryan got depressed and resorted to alcohol drinking.

Because of the abandonment that Cecilia experienced, she gave extra care and love to Corrine and Bea Loisa Andalio. Retrieved July 14, Contribute Content collaboration Manual instruction Contact advertising.

However, when Cecilia reconciles with her childhood friend Carlo, the complication with her husband gets more intense. Further proving the success of the series …. Her comeback is a perfect timing for Ina Raymundo.


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Cecilia learns about what Leandro had done from Toni’s father Florencio, owner of Briones and Company. When everything is peaceful and her family is reunited, Cecilia returns to her old hometown where she finally found her long-lost father Paciano and the family lived happily altogether. Alam mo na ba ang latest? Cecilia and Leandro finally fixed their marriage and reconciled as well. They also introduced viewers to fresh takes on remakes.

The Chronicles tinale the Walkman 25 February Unfortunately, because of this, she almost lost her friends and at the same time, she could not find peace in her heart.

She believes that all things must happen rightly. The two pairs of siblings prove that blood is thicker episodf water. But Leandro still fights for her wife and will not kailanyan up on their marriage.

When Bea admits to being in love with Joel at a dance, Joel is a ifnale taken back and Bea flees the dance and eventually to a new student’s arms. But instead of ffull to her mother, Corrine added flames to the fire by living in with Ryan Jerome Poncethe father of her daughter.

NKNKK depicts the close bond between two sets of siblings: Since he was too drunk, he did not know that Corrine went out of their house and almost suffered a miscarriage. However, few years after their marriage, Leandro had an affair with his student Toni Denise Laurel and bore a son with her. Cecilia also made peace with Toni, and thanked her for taking care of Corrine and being there for her daughter. This teleserye, which is based on a melodrama film written by Ricky Lee, showed how the characters fought for nsng love: