Now, which will you choose? After they finished making the gown, Cinderella came in, what surprice to see such a beautiful gown. Stood up and entered the house. T he Prince will be looking for a woman who fit his feet with shoes that he found. Are you a dwarf? She turned off her phone and slam it to the table The Queen left her room quickly Narrator: And he is the one who help us to awaken you!

Drama bahasa inggris cinderella tentunya juga berpusat pada alur cerita yang sama. Cinderella danced and danced and danced. One day, in the other side, in the castle, there was a charming prince. Are you a dwarf? Oh, Prince why are you come here? Pick the one you love. Could you awaken her?

Screaming in front of Snow White Snow White: Her step family draama Cinderella like a servant. Oh, thank you, sir! Just do what I said you got that! Call me The Wise and she is The Anger. Cinderella could use it Prince: She was unconscious for a long time.

Suddenly, someone has come. Cinderella was heading to the ball with her prettiest gown, her beautiful horses, the orangg cart and coaches. Now, wish your face.


Cinderella is the name given both her two step sisters. Every lady can come.

My queen, I am not joking. Please present at the festival. Suddenly, the bell rang.

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I do not want to! I wish you could. The prince will vomit to see your face.

Leaving her room calmly Narrator: He sat under a tree near a small house. Cinderella was doing house work Drunella: May I vinderella your name Cinderella: Go to the kitchen Narrator: Eh, by the way why were you walked to here? Gue Anaknya Musik Banget. Cinderella looked very beautiful.

Naskah drama Cinderella versi Bahasa inggris | Muhamad farhan firdaus

Here, what you want. The prince picks it up and decides to keep it so ingbris he can find cinderellla beautiful lady again. Thank you very much. When then something happened. Oh, prince, are you come here for one of my daughter? And this pumpkin is your golden cart.

While Cinderella was crying, the mice s come up with an idea. Snow White felt happy to live together with them. With an arrogant pride. Her skin was as white as snow, her lips were gorgeous, and her hair was shiny. We have thought it. I will look for the owner at other house. Bear his sadness The Forgetful: Yeah, I am agreed. Are you a dwarf? Not for long, Cinderella came back with the other bakiak and showed it to the Prime Minister.


Langkah menangani kemiskinan Penulis fiksi. Kelebihan dari sebuah permainan drama bahasa inggris adalah karena dalam sebuah drama seseorang harus berbicara. One day, the queen asking the same question to her Fortune-Teller again.

Drama Bahasa Inggris Cinderella And The Glass Shoes

Cinderella then went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. That party will be at Saturday night this week.

When the other had gone to the festival, Cinderella sat sadly at her room. Of course they have! I am The Forgetful. Pointing her thumbs up.