Meanwhile, Harold finds Tad unconscious on his bedroom floor. And to make things worse they’re doing his favourite Bach piece, which he goes on to demonstrate to Tad and Paul. Episode Ep Jul 29, Libby and Drew agree to begin pre-nuptial counselling. Lou’s eviction threat is real, and Flick decides to pursue Joel. Lou has a meeting with Louise’s teacher, and Brendon comes to speak to Teresa.

Episode Ep 70 Apr 22, Toadie and Joel’s scam continues – they meet Dione and Vanessa who believe wholeheartedly they are a lawyer and Argentinian soccer player. Later, Susan accidentally intercepts a call from the travel agent, confirming the elopement plans – could this ruin everything for the love birds? It’s best that way. A night out leads to a passionate kiss and Teresa asking Brendan to stay the night. Number 24 Tad tells Harold that he did post the letter to Rachel but is scared she will hate it.

Fed up with having no help around the house, Lyn goes on strike.

And that’s the end of it. Harold wants to know about the mischief Tad’s got up to with Flick and he knows that Paul is the one who can get to the bottom of it.

Episode Ep Sep 5, What could it be? Number 24 Harold talks to Tad about the incident at the Scully’s. Episode Ep 84 May 12, Drew is becoming exhausted after throwing himself into his work to get his mind off Libby, but his overworking has serious consequences as a moment’s carelessness leads to disaster. 327, Amy is hopeful her friendship with Lance is on the mend. Episode Ep Aug 17, Meanwhile, Dione wants Joel to join her for dinner with an old boyfriend.


Lyn’s surprise is revealed.


Episode Ep 12 Feb 2, Paul turns his back on the dingoes. Meanwhile, Toadie orchestrates more time with Steph, but she remains oblivious to his feelings for her. The girls later suggest the boys take them on a date to the very expensive Lanzini’s restaurant. The Scullys fall out with The Kennedys. Episode Ep Jun 29, Number 26 Steph comes home to find Flick sitting on the sofa.

Drew tells Libby his mother neighboirs him to wear a kilt for the wedding and Libby loves the idea.

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All season episodes are seen Mark all season as seen Season 16 Episode 18 years ago. How will Tad get out of this one? Episode Ep Oct 5, Number 30 The phone rings and Lance answers: Meanwhile, Amy is in denial about the result of the pregnancy test.

Episode Ep 61 Apr 11, Episode Ep 54 Mar 31, Dione tells him she’s sorry and hangs up with a sigh. Episode Ep Jun 7, Later, in the midst of 35527 emotional confusion, Tess gets an urgent call to come to the hospital. Episode Ep 5 Jan 22, Joe feels boys don’t have to protected as much as girls. Tad and Simone continue to hit it off, but trouble looms – Paul is attracted to Simone and the feeling is mutual.


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Meanwhile Lance is horrified when Toadie wins the university election, and Lyn suspects that Steph has romantic designs on Drew. Joel is upset when he learns Dione had dinner with Marcus and decides to confront her.

Joe and Flick start to rebuild their relationship after Felicity decides to break up with Sean. Lyn discovers a new business opportunity, while Joel doesn’t like Dione’s latest move.

Paul and Tad try to convince Harold to sponsor an extreme sports competition.

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Harold gets up to go, telling him to steer clear of the Scullys today. An unimpressed Harold gives Tad an ultimatum – he can’t live under neigybours roof unless he lives by their rules.

Episode Ep Dec 6, Episode Ep 25 Feb 19, Drew’s happiness about neghbours meeting with Libby is short lived when she hands him a box of his belongings and tells him she just wants to be friends. Lou continues to falter in his quest for Merridy – he just can’t seem to find the courage to ask her out. Relations between Teresa and Brendan are improving rapidly, leading Steph and Libby to voice their disapproval.