Episode Ep 19 Feb 4, Let’s hope all goes smooth sailing for Karl and Susan. Charlie’s Toadie, Sonya, Lucas and Emilia sit at a table. Rhys has moved in to No. She could walk free! Tash says he’s probably too busy having a good time on Schoolies and it’s nothing to stress about. Andrew has ruined Summer’s chance at Journalism – can she forgive him?

The man explains that there was an anonymous tip- off and Lucas looks furious. Chris is horrified when Lucas fails to stick up for him to a homophobic customer. Episode Ep 79 Apr 29, Toadie’s not convinced, but why? Oh, just save it! Declan’s determined to go, but will Rebecca leave Michael beind? Has Brennan totally blown his chances? Episode Ep Oct 28,

So, what will Sonya do armed with the shocking news? Episode Ep 2 Jan 12, Lucas continues on his epissode of destruction and organises to compete in another one of Garland’s street races, but little does he know he’s about to come undone.

Written by KGF Vissers.

Meanwhile, news of Mark’s death rocks Ramsay Street. School Kyle and Dane survey the graffiti, then Kyle rather contrivedly finds the letter from Noah that Paul threw in the bin. Episode Ep Sep 22, Meanwhile, Susan delights in winding Karl up with ideas of how raunchy her calendar photo shoot will be.

Episode Ep Jul 6, There’s a woman in his dream, but he can’t see her face, could it be his mum? But Lucas has walked out. Episode Ep Oct 19, Episode Ep 99 May 27, Lucas isn’t keen as he thinks Toadie will want to talk business again, but Emilia talks him into it – she wants to meet the owners fpisode the couch!


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Will Brennan rescue Kyle from bent-cop Holland? Libby decides to move on from Brennan and Jade convinces her to have some fun with Kyle – no strings attached.

Episode Ep 75 Apr 23, Will Kate be able to find solace in the memories and move on before she reaches breaking point? What will it be?

Lucas is keen to get rid of the inheritance his father left him so he looks to invest in Sonya’s new passion, the community garden. Episode Ep 46 Mar 14, Episode Ep Jun 22, meighbours Will Lisa be drawn into Tash’s games and risk losing her new boyfriend along the way?

Episode #1.6303

Episode Ep 21 Feb 8, Episode Ep neighbouurs Mar 25, However, Jade’s staying next door and she rocks up to meet Toadie and Callum and stumbles across the reason Sonya’s been behaving so weird Lucas is making a special new friend.

It’s only when she bumps into Lindsay from her days with Saffron that her real feelings come to the surface. And will Rebecca be strong enough to withstand him? Has Tash broken them apart for good? However, he hasn’t banked on Toadie’s pride getting in the way.


Episode Ep 10 Jan 22, Episode Ep Nov 9, Meanwhile, the boys oops men are organising a fundraiser for the Scully house rebuild. Paul’s is not happy to discover that his campaign against the shopping centre epispde not working. Jade Mitchell James Mason Lou tells Toadie that neighboours must persuade Lucas to sell.

Meanwhile, Sonya thinks Lucas is gambling again and decides to investigate. And Toadie’s apprehension spills over onto jealousy when he sees the bond being made between father and son.

Lyn drops a bombshell which turns Summer’s life upside down. Episode Ep 24 Feb 11, Episode Ep Jun 9, Some people can be quite stubborn. No, neihbours shouldn’t have to apologise for him! Episode Ep Jul 26, Lucas finds it hard to find the person responsible for beating Chris up.

Kyle and Jade just stand there, shocked. He’s left a not to say he’s with Troy, but why has Troy taken him without permission? Episode Ep 37 Mar 2, Episode 6033 Jun 24, Kyle finds out the reason behind Kate’s behaviour after he discovers Noah’s letter. The trip unlocks a memory, however it leads to disastrous consequences, for all involved!