So I am certainly not knocking the Street Series. Cheers for the replies guys. Twin tubes are out of my list which i think pushes me towards the ehhh bilstein?? I understand there was an administractive error at Nitron with regard to their overall Caterham Pricing structure which placed them as a more costly item than Quantum. I’m considering keeping the existing shocks, having reconditioned and refitting to the car. It really depends on how you are going to use the car, if it is purely on the road then the Bilsteins are fine and are well matched to a Caterham. I also spotted these and was thinking they seem reasonable to replace the Bilsteins. Old thread, but I’m looking for an entry level coilover for my Elise.

If the Car was mainly for track, then I would go for the Nitrons, expensive over 3k, but you really do get what you pay for. I bought the set that Shinoo used for the initial evaluation. Monkey Wrench Racing Nightmare https: This page was last modified on 23 August , at What is your advise? Hi everyone Staying within the posting rules here may be difficult but I will try.

This means they offer a distinct performance advantage over the many twin-tube based products on the market in this price bracket, in terms of weight, responsiveness, and fade resistance.

Each product is tailored to suit a certain nitroh of driving, but within that they can be tailored to your car. These dampers can be used at factory standard ride heights or slightly lower.

Yes I see no reason on a technical level why I can not revalve them. The UK Law now requires us to get consent from you for the use of cookies. Russ, you used to do more trackdays than anyone Nice to see you still have the Elise. A cookie is used here to allow you to navigate the site, log in etc.


Nitron NTR R1 Coilovers Suspension Kit for Caterham Wide Track De-dion Post 96 | eBay

After seeing the add in Lowflying thought Id see just what corners have been clipped in order to meet the new price point so headed off to the website As a more road orientated kit, the Nitron Street Series are valved and sprung accordingly to give optimal body control without any undue harshness. What a timely placed thread No experience but priced right for a street only car. So nutron a result of the modular sereis, the top end components are included right throughout the Nitron range.

Latest News PH Competes: Softer valving and springs guarantee a good level of comfort. Forum

I believe they are made in taiwan though which explains the price. NTR 40s Fast Road is designed for people who primarily use their cars on public roads and do a couple of track days a year.

Options Quote message in reply? The Nitron line is aimed to help people to make a well informed choice. Slightly stiffer Valving and stiffer spring rates combined with a lowered ride-height results in a benchmark damper for this application.

Caterham Wide Track de-Dion (pre`96) Nitron Street Series Suspension Kit

He’s advised me on both my Caterham and Elise and the results have been excellent in both cases. BigCol posts months.


More options for the older de-dion chassis front suspension is welcome. Adjustable spring perches Adjustable dampening wheel control is very good! Date range for these?? For customers using their car predominantly for track days Nitron would still recommend the renound NTR range of shocks due to their increased control and fade resistance.

Smitters 2, posts 95 months. Prev of 2 2 Next. Specific shock end fittings may differ from that shown. So what would the service interval be for a set of these road shocks in terms of srreet milage?

BB code is On. Car currently has a very tired set of adjustable bilsteins, and i see following options: Designed and developed by Nitron, the shocks use gas-monotube technology. Stdeet ho thats business and I understand the reasoning and can not argue against it. Now working with and racing Porsche’s Rennpart.

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I have asked Nitron to produce these for the last couple of years. He sent out a bulk email saying he would sell that set for a intron and I bit.