A person research team delves into the Pine Barrens of New Jersey in search of the legendary Jersey Devil , a horse-headed, bat-winged creature reportedly haunting the area for the past years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A look at legends of sea monsters and a close examination of video footage that captured an unidentified sea creature in the waters off the Florida coast and may be proof that some of these legends are true. A look into bizarre attacks upon a remote hunting cabin in Northern Ontario by suspected Bigfoot creatures and other reports of aggressive Sasquatch in the North Western United States. Views Read Edit View history. A look at the legendary Thunderbird and a review of sightings of other giant birds in Illinois , Texas , and Alaska.

According to historian Mark M. Science searches for answers Posted by Ken Hulsey. Retrieved November 15, Jaws in Illinois According to the DC the name was first applied in Ogopogo statue in Kelowna , British Columbia. The continued investigations of Bigfoot in Washington State and a digital enhancement study of the infamous Patterson—Gimlin film to find out if the film actually depicts a Bigfoot.

The Real Moby Dick Devils in New Jersey 8. Bigfoot In New York 2. The search to validate a bizarre story that former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin had a plan to create ape-human hybrids.

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A look at attacks on humans by the world’s largest known lizards, the Komodo dragonsand an investigation into reports that an even bigger lizard, the supposedly extinct Megalaniamay still lurk in Australia’s Blue Mountains region. Hey Ken, Thanks for the update on this. Instead, it takes a seemingly well-researched approach, leaving viewers the opportunity to make up their own minds. Then later, the show follows an expedition into the Garo Hills to look for evidence of another possibly unknown primate, the Mande Barung.


The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. A trek into the foothills of North Western Kentucky to search for a Bigfoot -like creature that is said to make terrifying, wild screams. A computer analysis of the footage concluded it was a solid, three-dimensional object.

Sightings of the creature are reported to this day, and a team of investigators use the latest forensic and night-vision technology to try to determine what people are encountering.

The Real Hobbit Bigfoot researchers trek into California ‘s Sierra Nevada following Native American stories and petroglyphs of a supposed family of hairy man-beasts; they examine recently found footprint evidence and a compelling video of a supposed Sasquatch encounter in Mono Lake.

Okanagan LakeBritish Columbia. A hunt for large black cats and jaguar -like creatures that eyewitnesses say are encroaching into human populated areas of ArizonaWest VirginiaPennsylvaniaand New York.

Retrieved October 6, In a statement made March 24, on the cryptozoological blog CryptoMundo, MonsterQuest producer Doug Hajicek announced that History Quuest had canceled the questt midway through 4th season.

Orkin cites the following lines from the song:.

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After all the lake is one of the biggest areas for tourists in kelowna besides the wine. A look at ogopoyo sightings and physical evidence of Bigfoot-like creatures that may lurk in the eastern wilderness of the state of Ohio. A look at what Native American legends say about Bigfoot. An investigation of reports that bull sharks from the Gulf of Mexico have swum inland up the Mississippi River as far as the state of Illinois and also reports of Greenland sharks killing caribou along the St.

We have no idea what it is. It was probably a water fowl or beaver too far away to be identified. Following the reports of attacks that inspired the Moby-Dick tale from classic literature, an investigative team searches for albino sperm whales to see if there is any truth to eppisode aggressive nature.


Giant Squid Ambush An investigation is launched upon British Columbia ‘s Lake Okanagan using the latest underwater technology to search for evidence of the most documented lake monster known as Ogopogo. Now, that is some really good evidence that there may be some sort of living dinosaur in Okanagan Lake, but the real “pay-off’ came when divers discovered a strange specimen in an underwater cave.

Terror from the Sky Death of Nessie 2. The investigation follows a team of researchers who are trying to determine why sharks are becoming more aggressive.

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I live in kelowna and there was a report on this. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A review of researcher Robert Rhines’ claim that Nessieif it existed, may now in fact be dead and its corpse is lying somewhere at the bottom of Loch Ness. Dai Raion November 13, monsteer 8: A look back at a story from the s that a swarm of sewer alligators was found living in the sewers under New York City, and a new delve into the sewer system to see if epjsode creatures could still be lurking there.

An investigation into reports of attacks on pets and livestock in Maine and Minnesota by strange hybrid canines.