Yet again, Rito wakes up to Momo in his bed. Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, To those who prefers subs, I respect your choice, but respect those who likes to see animes English dubbed. The value and artistry of music should be more essential than popularity, the charts, the money or the attention. Some may consider this to be stale and predictable of me, but this is what I can mainly do and I don’t want to do another story that I would end up messing it, have terrible writings and disappoint others. Allow us to write stories of what we make, what we want to write, ok? One night she invites the mage to her room and let it all begin. I was new when I made this.

Maybe they should keep the door unlocked more often Haruhi Suzumiya series – Rated: Edward and Alphonose show up on Winry’s doorstep all busted up from an ambush. But I hope you get to somehow at least find it alright. Fixed up a few things. Retrieved January 6, A Rainbow of Smiles Doki Doki! Primary traits and capabilities: Takes place after the Two Lovers ending of the game.

D N Angel – Rated: Keep in mind they’re not totally like them and having their bleak, dark and brutal nature, and definitely no harsh and brutal upbringing and training, just their badass essence and weapons. Manga Answerman – How often do English manga publishers sell at a loss?

Made by me and a friend of mine. K – English – Chapters: Yukari Hashimoto Original creator: Gurren Lagann – Rated: The first volume was released on July 19,[15] and released four volumes until January 20, under their Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint. Retrieved August 23, Clannad Alternate Harem II: Retrieved June 8, I don’t own it.

Omamori Himari episode 3 English Sub_chunk_2 – video dailymotion

Maybe by kimberleenadine reviews Kyon walks in on Mikuru changing To be want and to be lusted by the person that you love.

Retrieved August 15, I don’t like of these sub weeaboo elitists who keep on being rude to the dubs when they’ve never heard one or only and hastily judge everything from a trailer or clip or one episode, without giving time to get adjusted to it.


Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Atsuko Okui Assez Finaud Fabric. Archived from the original on November 10, Read to find out. In the words of author dad Maril Emil x Marta.

Takuma Yoshioka Sound Effects: I like reading lemons of my favorite couples I wish there were more, especially for my fav.

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Sorry if my writing here is bad I also like animes that belong to the ‘harem’ genre. The series revolves around Yuto Amakawaa seemingly ordinary teenager with a troubled past.

Michiko Neya as Sae Kisaragi. Then, someone comes linoy him, someone whom hhe thought he’d lost. There Nodoka tells her friend to at last have a chance with their beloved professor and master. This is all about GSD spanning from episodes done and made in whole new way.

Its like an alternate Kyou chapter, in my take. Have you ever wondered if something MORE happened epjsode evening?

If you believe in these tenets, copy and paste it into your profile. This is what fanfiction is meant for. I briefly allowed myself to relish the joy of finally being in my place So if you’re uncomfortable of reading a story, then simply don’t read it and turn away.

It does look weird, but knowing I love both metal and anime, I just want to make this, doing this for fun and I can do what I want with it as it’s my creativity to make an idealistic metal band for me, but still far from perfect.

In This Romantic Evening reviews Negi and Ayaka goes on a little date, then will have a great romantic night they’ve ever had. Lemon warning of course. What special gift will Luke give to his special someone? Nothing wrong with that right? Be aware of some cyber bullies and probably “critics” and “crusaders” around FF falsely flagging stories and flaming them just for their fun in an effort to delete stories just because they don’t like it, don’t like the writing of the author, that they think their works are immature, or whatever reason that are just lame, pointless, stupid, and biased.


Omamori Himari episode 3 English Sub_chunk_2

A Show For The Teacher omaori During a vacation, the class rep wanted to show Negi her feelings and give him a time of his life. A Sweet Torture reviews Naru has something in store for Keitaro from when he had his way with the other girls.

Chamberlain goes to Little Round Top every year on the anniversiry of the battle but on the 50th anniversiry things will be different. Shelf Life – Urahara Feb 25, An escapist, a person who chases his dreams, a person who just omaamori to be comfortable in life.

Also all of you should be aware this is a place where we are able to be creative and imaginative on things we are a fan of, which is why this is fanfiction.

Always remember that, so if you don’t like the story, don’t read it, it’s not that difficult. If you like it, tell them why. Happy birthday, Kazuto by Loveforwolves reviews Asuna is ready to give all of herself to Kazuto. Well here is your chance to find out! Primary traits and capabilities: My stories may seem kinda lame to some of you, but that’s how I am.

As the first new City Hunter movie in twenty years, this blast of ’80s future detective action is a welcome surprise on the big screen, but how has the material underneath aged?