Buried Treasure – Robot Carnival Oct 26, One Piece Episode of Luffy: The Battle will be in Alubarna! Clay Wheeler as Papaneel. They have also made other minor changes to the footage that, while still minor, are nonetheless edits to the art as it was originally aired. Momoko Soyama as Charlotte Akimeg. Masaki Terasoma as Caribou. Ben Bryant as Karma Shachi.

The Click – May 12th – May 18th May 12, His Name is Sogeking! Hiroyuki Kawamoto as Pearl. End Of The Dec 29, Hiroaki Miura as Absalom Pirate ep Kristin Stutton as Rina. Saki Yasuda as Kuja Warrior.

Kenji Nojima as Pell. Yibis is the name of a fan-subbing group dedicated to subbing One Piece anime.

The Doctor who is Called a Witch! Show for Japanese TV Mar 6, Seiji Sasaki as Blueno. Bruce DuBose as Neptune.

One Piece Episode 462

The Click – November 17 – 23 Nov 17, J Paul Slavens as Wyper. Chikao Ohtsuka as Gold Roger.


The Click – June 17th – June 23rd Jun 17, Naotoshi Shida ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Naoki Kinoshita as Buggy Pirate eps Villager eps 9, They are currently subbing the Enies Lobby Arc.

April Apr 9, Yasuyuki Kase as Morgans. Takeshi Aono as Dracule Mihawk before June Kazue Ikura as Sentoumaru.

Patrick Seitz as Franky.

THe Weaving of the Poneglyphs! The Shadow Lurking in Little Garden!

ONE PIECE | Netflix

Week of Aug Aug 23, Ryusei Nakao as Caesar Clown. Luffy and Coby Clash!

The Click – September 16th – September 22nd Sep 16, Japanese Box Office, December Dec 16, Drum Island Arc Episode Nobuyuki Hiyama as Mr. John McCalmont as Jean Bart.

One Piece (TV)

Bryn Apprill as Shirahoshi Young Shirahoshi. Madeleine Morris as Hiramera. The Click – May 19th – May 25th May 19, Kurumi Mamiya as Leo. Spring of Trivia Feb 18, Dash into the Final Round!

One Piece (TV) – Anime News Network

Major Attaway aninecrazy Urouge. Rob’s Angels Feb 14, Manifest – Anime Industry Panel Sep 24, Jamie Meldrum as Usopp Odex, 1st voice. Panic Fancy Oct 21, Yuji Mitsuya as Pica.