Alex suspects that a new prisoner, Lolly, may have been sent by Kubra to kill her. The jury returns with a verdict; and the big kickball game is on. Sophia gets attacked, and beaten by two other inmates. As the prisoners frolic in the lake, construction crews convert the prison’s beds into two-tiered bunkbeds, doubling the prison’s capacity, and several busloads of new prisoners arrive at Litchfield. Visited in jail by his mother, a shaken and traumatized Mendez is told that he is not the father of Daya’s child, which he refuses to believe. Be the first one to add a plot.

Caputo and Figueroa’s relationship evolves. Piper agrees to set up a payment plan using cash cards, but then fires Flaca for instigating the uprising. Maria gets to see and play with her baby daughter, however at the end of the visits, the baby’s father states that she will not see the baby anymore. Mendoza and Sophia clash again when Sophia’s son is arrested on battery charges. As Linda faces a crisis, Donuts and Pennsatucky have a change of plans. Retrieved April 16,

Caputo blackmails Figueroa into helping him keep the prison open, and she points him to a private company that was interested in acquiring it in the past. Pranksters wreak neq on Halloween.

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Pokemon Gold and Silver, the first main series sequels, were released in late Suzanne appears relieved to be done with the project and apologizes to Poussey for attacking her under Vee’s tenure.

Daya tries to figure out her next steps without Bennett. The Rise of Darkrai! Nicky and Big Boo find that they have been robbed of the heroin they were hiding. Aleida tries out a new sales tactic. Black Cindy, with unexpected access to the required natural body of water, performs her ritual immersion and officially becomes Jewish. You’ll encounter old faces and new, evolutions of your favourite Pokemon, and an entirely different Pokemon challenge.

Big Boo comes up with a scheme to make money. After observing Stella making moves on Piper, Alex confronts the pair in Piper’s bunk. Gold and Silver starts in the all new Johto region, where history is rich and new Pokemon are plentiful, and winds up in the classic Kanto region before the final blacl back in Johto. Tensions between Flaca and Gloria come to a head, as do those between Leanne and Norma.


Next Episode airs Episode 7. Piper lobbies Luschek to bring back kickball. Bennett struggles to deal with Daya’s family while keeping under wraps that he is the father of her child.

The site’s critical consensus reads: There’s a new Wi-Fi Plaza area for random play with other players, playing Mini-games and interacting. Regime change isn’t going over well the staff, but Red makes it work for her. Linda auditions inmates for a prison PR video. MCC agrees to take over operations of the prisonsaving it from closure.

A construction mishap allows all the prisoners to escape to a nearby beach and play in the lake, Soso is taken in by the African-American group, while Suzanne bonds with Maureen. At a meeting in Utica, executives at MCC are shown to be totally devoid of compassion and solely concerned with cost-cutting and profits.

October 15th Europe: The prisoners despise the new cafeteria food, and are angry at the rising prices of commissary items.

In a rage, he rapes her in the prison van. It is revealed Nicky was keeping the heroin for herself, but it was discovered by the meth heads. Alex struggles to deal with being back in prison.

Languishing on paid suspension, Caputo tries to break out of a rut. Nicky says goodbye as she is sent to maximum security oeange. However, on top of everything familiar, there will be loads of new features This includes the re-introduction of the Battle Froniterthe inclusion of the area called the Distortion World, where Giratina lives.

Celebrity chef Judy King once again appears on the TV news. Caputo bllack rumors from the staff that the prison is shutting down, but the staff is suspicious. Caputo’s kinder, gentler new regime includes organizing a Mother’s Day fair for the inmates that brings up a LOT of mixed feelings about family. On May 5,the series was renewed for a third season.

Maria gets to see and play with her baby daughter, however at the end of the visits, the baby’s father states that she will not see the baby anymore. The storyline features the return of Team Plasma, who have seperated into two factions with one planning on taking over the world after decreeing N as a traitor. Lorna is celebrating her First Communion and is thrilled by her white dress.


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Poussey, Taystee and Suzanne save Soso from her overdose. Big Boo has a tense relationship with her uptight parents, especially her mother, who does not approve of her being a lesbian.

List of recurring Orange Is the New Black characters. This forces rhe prisoners to wear underwear or disposable paper suits and causing some of them to become paranoid about the cause of the bugs.

Poussey finds Soso unconscious in the library from overdosing on pills that she stole from the Doctor’s office after being given a prescription from Healy. Caputo tries to make a good impression on some visitors. These versions don’t differ quite as much between Japanese and everywhere else: Luschek tries to help Gloria, who worries she’s in danger. Audible Download Audio Books. Healy recruits Red to help him talk to his wife. Kanto Battle Frontier Saga! Alex and Crazy Eyes try a new drama class.

A new prisoner reveals that a more appetizing kosher meal may be requested from the kitchen. Chang secretly prepares specialty foods for herself and watches Chinese movies on a cell phone stashed in a garden shack. A nude Stella chats with a visibly impressed Piper in the bathroom; they later share a kiss.

Lorna swears her allegiance to Barb as Nicky works to thwart another plot. Suzanne’s manuscript lands on the staff’s radar, leading to its confiscation, and counselor Rogers is unfairly put on leave over the scandal.