Idk really know how I feel. Considering how they played the whole relationship for a long time, I can’t distinguish anymore! Masuzu stayed a cunt most of the way through. It’s good, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Did you end up watching DMC? Would it feel too dated?

All that does is completely prove my judgement towards her about what a fucking cunt she is. That chit doesn’t scare me anymore. You are commenting using your Facebook account. But still I was hoping that Masuzu will win. Definitely gonna be watching the English dubbed version. I think thats the part when the Elrics go to the north? I swear, the mangaka does it on purpose: Happy belated new years.

There’s been a couple times where I’ve been tempted to just read a summary, but I’m gonna stick it out til the end. That was YOUR tumblr?? I haven’t read that many horror manga so I’m not the best for recommendations, but read Uzumaki.

D Reverse psychology, brah. Overall a good show. Was it just me or was it just scenes from previous episodes but with the girls swapped? What oreshuraa to poor Kaoru? Not sure if FMA: I decided to read it in the daytime because I did think it was gonna be scary based on your reactions but this isn’t the type of stuff that scares me.

I guess you orreshura try Kuroko’s basketball next, but I personally despised it for its portrayal of basketball. Just started on Psycho-Pass becuz of all the talk. If the show follows the light novels then I might just read them.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru Episode 13 Discussion

I didn’t say read it now phaggot, I’m saying dont be a little bitch and wait until tomorrow night. Overall, I think they could’ve done a far better job by cutting down the amount of content they were trying to animate in 13 episodes.


Want to post gifs from RBT right now but I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone or take away from any of the shock value. Third movie just released in Japan on the 1st of Feb, so we are not getting it until August – September of this year, when the BD releases. Poor Hime-chan was mostly filler. How can u belated new years srs. Can I see a bitch get fuked by a donkey?

Loled at first ep, he dun goofed, the feeling is mutual tho feelsgoodman. I wanted pink to win with my second choice being silver and orange coming in at third with black at fourth.

The plan that his aunt gave him was as stupid as hell. Loving the start from this series, really hope it goes strong. I, on the other hand, insist that you positively mustn’t be convinced to share photos with the particularly mindless group of persistent meddlers of your affairs.

I didn’t watch akito I just remember reading it Pretty sure its in the period between R1 and R2 You calling my quality post a chitty post?

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru 13 vostfr

I can’t remember each episode as I watch them all back to back so fast lol. And when Caesar was telling Lisa Lisa how he would catch Jojo from the fall with the icicles I can’t stop watching, damn it!

They were fairly good. I’ve read some in the past, but don’t really bother usually. Lol that Lollicon manga. Maybe his aunt is single for a reason.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru streaming Episode 13 vostfr par Yarashii

If you’re just here for the magnificent screencaps, that’s cool too but I’d appreciate it if you gave the article a read. And someone recommended me, GE: And since she seemed to mostly lack a personality, I couldn’t help but feel that her bikini figure was a sop to encourage people to give her a second chance.


It’s a bit less predictable than you think though. I loved it, different story feel compared to all other animes. Hahahaha yeah I saw the smut listing when I first searched for it on Manga Watcher. I had felt a lot of feels towards the end of Cowboy Bebop for obvious reasons, lol.

I think to hide her wrinkles rofl in for pics: I’d like to hold off ’til it finishes before I start it, though Think I’m becoming a fanboy tbh. Were you the one that was considering dropping it after the first episode because of the whole friendship is power thing? You still watching it, aeterna? It was a subtle touch, but I did like how in the credits it displayed a bit of recap but mid-way it started switching around which girl it was who did the act.

It’s not even fans, but fan-fans. The part with the ED.

She is a girl that fits him the most. Ranks as one of my all time favorite.

Tell me the scariest manga you have ever read and I will read it tonight once it gets dark srsand I’ll see how that compares. Thought this anime was decent. Good ending in a nut shell. Too bad Ai-chan didn’t win, she was best girl.

Is this an alternative setting?