Brutsman — Susan B. George is the proud owner of a Chevrolet pick up truck passed down to him by his beloved Father-in-law Herb. New Season, New Carz! While tennis instructor Mark is giving a lesson to co-host Courtney, his wife and daughter help the A-team steal his rust-bucket of a car, a Mustang. Each episode would take a significant amount of planning, starting with the producers reviewing the thousands of submissions from those wanting to have a friend’s or family member’s vehicle overhauled, selecting a deserving person, and setting everything in motion. When he passed, she stopped driving the car.

John Force is a drag racing legend and the star of Driving Force reality show. The Hot Rod and American Icon: According to co-host Chris Jacobs, “we wanted to commemorate the journalists who risked their lives, and in some cases, gave their lives to tell the story of the war. A tragic accident caused Richard to be paralyzed from the waist down. After high school, he joined the Marines and served three times in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also dedicates a lot of his time to children’s charities, and has recently bought a little yellow bus with which he intends to drive kids to school events.

Mark’s best childhood memories were riding around in his dad’s ’72 Cutlass. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Each show ended with the surprise reuniting of owner and newly made-over car.

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A new side of Chip is revealed as the prankster gets pranked! Unfortunately, his children’s tuition and college expenses prevent John from repairing the Europa. Isaias loves his father’s Dodge A truck.


The team poses as movers to clean out Connie and Pete Eastman’s garage.

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Her Aunt Barbara and Uncle Mike sabotage the car so that it gets sent to the Overhaulin’ team for a re-build and re-invention. On October 12,a series finale was announced that a episodd season would be its last, consisting of four episodes. Michelle and Megan are more like sisters than mother-and-daughter.

Jeff works at a car parts shop. Retrieved 17 April Owner is Roger Buchanan, a semi-retired former Chevy restoration parts store owner who bleeds motor oil.

Oberhaulin full-time father cannot devote the time necessary to properly maintain oveehaulin Oldsmobile Dynamic Roger is a true car guy, who will sit in a non-runner just to hang out with the car and drink his coffee. While the car is being re-built, surfer legend Tyler Hatzikian creates custom surf boards to go with Mylan’s new “surf wagon”.

Of course the car gets “stolen” from the shop, but when it’s discovered, Christopher is shown pictures of his Olds badly vandalized. The team helps the generous, hardworking manager of two Huntington Beach, Calif.

Pop singer Nick Lachey acts as the insider to heist his brother Drew’s Ford truck. The Buick was a birthday gift from her father. Modern Day Metal Magician”.

He hopes to, one day, drive it with his own son. The team gets a special assignment this time. Instead, this time Dominick has been told in advance that his car will get the Overhaulin’ treatment.

John’s 1969 AMC AMX

It takes a lot to faze Joe Martin, but when his next job pulls into MSB it looks more like a truck load of spare parts than a C His growing family is the most important part of Air Force veteran Josh Ingram’s life.


In the first episode, automobile designer Chip Foose and his Overhaulin’ team snatch and overhaul a Chevy truck. After a four-year hiatus, sixth season premiered on October 2, on Velocity and Discovery Cablevision.

Holloway noted that “we couldn’t do the show without the builders or our sponsors. Retrieved 14 November While Mike’s ’67 Mustang is being overhauled, he’s fooled into thinking that his friend Tom, who owns an auto shop and has worked on the Mustang several times, runs an illegal operation to make cars “disappear”.

John’s AMC AMX | Overhaulin’

While serving his country, Chris’ ’70 El Camino laid in disrepair. While Janice is on a mission to restore epiisode Land Rover that has a growing list of concerns, Ron and Greg can’t figure out what’s wrong with the engine of a Chevy C10 pickup truck after they updated the transmission from a 3-speed to five. A review of moments from the first eepisode episodes and updates on the cars and their owners.

Miles and Chrissy both lost their fathers within 3 weeks of each other, Chrissy’s dad left the Bronco to Miles in his will.