From Liviu Groza s point of view, by addition the journalist changes the initial model adiectio creating a variant of the elements that emphasize, stress a significant, The style, the attitude and the vision of the creator of an expressive act may present the relation between the interlocutors, the speech situation and the speaker s attitude towards the content of the sentence. On the other hand, the hydronyms that are based on animal names are mostly to be found in a mountainous or hilly area, but they sometimes happen to be located in regions in the plains, where in ancient times there were forests, and of course animals. Furthermore, there are two different patterns depending on the number expressed by the cardinal numeral. Parmi les langues balkaniques, le roumain a eu la plus forte influence sur le bulgare. Substitution is the replacement of one or more terms of the phraseologic model with one word group of words perceived by speakers as having optimum possibilities to refer to a certain extralinguistic situation usually new or unusual.

So far it has been defined in a multitude of ways. It is one of the most brilliant figures of speech; but, just because of this reason, it should be used cautiously in the serious topics. The adverbials involved in ternary structures the adverbial of addition, the adverbial of association, the adverbial of exception and the adverbial of opposition do not allow the adverb substitution GALR, II, This approach, from the pragmatic point of view of interjections in Romanian, constitutes a real contribution to the understanding of this complex issue, and, at the same time, it may be a new element in the present linguistic research. An important role in the language used by the writers of the forty-eighties plays Heliade Radulescu ‘s Grammar from which provided for the adoption of the phonetic principle in writing the Romanian language, simplifying the Cyrillic alphabet from 33 to 28 letters and then in , to 27 letters. The antithesis is repeated in the next period, in a better marked crescendo, accomplished in symmetrical positions, up to the number of syllables and stresses. The propositional content refers to a passed action, performed by the interlocutor and failed.

Ponta il ataca dur pe Traian Basescu: He received all for nothing. The composed adverbs, graphically expressed by one word, must not be confounded to the free combinations or to the adverbial phrases made of the same terms that ,anole separately mexterul Regarding the formation of the adjectival lexeme, there is to be noted the frequency of the phenomenon of derivation. Thus Byzantine hagiography became a common source of inspiration for the peoples in Eastern Europe.


Transplantation was thus accompanied by changes in the borrowed product, kanole this process was indeed possible only because the society and the culture of the receiving country were at that time in a state of rapid change. They report to the present moment, to what the speaker feels at that moment, having a high degree of subjectivism.

In fact, the exception represents placing an element on an extreme side in relation to the whole or the empty set. Among the martyrs, only the mentioning of a few is impressive: I finished of about a week ago. Indefinite pronouns become indefinite adjectives more when they are placed in front of the noun than in postponement: With the adverbial of exception also, a correlative was searched for: The structure of the expression integrates the name of pwralela stolen object, meserul to the proper meaning, not only to the figurative meaning.

The mimical and gestual language also represent an additional means to decode the variety of emotional states that an interjection expresses. Washington University in St Louis tuition.

So, the adverbial of opposition expresses the certainty of a negation, a type of denying the deontic modality. Also Dumitru Irimia considers the article to be a criterion of differentiation: Spune ce ai de spus? The so far analysis shows that two types of antithesis are dominant in Antim s discourses.

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In its turn, this assignment may be determined by speaker s intentions and communication aims, which represents a pragmatic variable. Apparently, when the addition refers to the predicate this engages the whole regent clauseas the presence of the regent clause is obligatory, the ternary relation turns into a binary one and the test of deletion is no longer possible: The syntactic structure of the noun phrase is less clear [ ] in the constructions where the agreement is with the quantifier cele doua milioane de oameni [ ].

However, it is necessary to show that, when messterul Gpos is present, the Possessor meaning of the clitic is diminished and it moves towards other semantic roles. The other structure is the one that caused a real dispute and the researchers argued for two interpretations.

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Moreover, a number of details present in the chronicle regarding trivial facts from the court or military events, show that the writer witnessed the events at court and war, with numerous examples from the weekday time mentioning, to the number and size of the cannons to be found on the battlefield. The set of connectors at the simple sentence level and at the complex sentence level is very limited.


A detailed classification of interjections from a semantic and pragmatic point of view will be given, together with a rich inventory of examples from the works of Romanian writers that have used interjections in order to lend colour, orality, verisimilitude to the speech of their characters and to express a range of sensations, emotions, attitudes or acts of volition.

The galada work paper is an overview of the status of adverbs within the morphology kanole contemporary Romanian language.

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It modifies the standard form of the originary phraseological unit, placing it in a particular context. In older times this had nothing to do with faith. Capidan identifie deux structures d emprunts: Starting from this status, the adverb is defined by many morphological, lexicalgrammatical features, by orthographic aspects with a semantic and grammar approach, unanalyzable structures, exceptions and specific stylistic and by the category of comparison analytically or periphrastically distinct analogies and aspects reported to adjective – flexible part of speech.

Because the similarities are more important, the conclusion that the category imposed by transitivity has two positions the proper direct object and the secondary direct objectlike the one imposed by the dative the proper indirect object and the possessive indirect objecthas been drawn. The Danish linguist Otto Jespersen considered it as taking part to a heterogeneous class, classifying it both in the category of the parts of speech and in the category of particles.

Gutu Romalo offers a clear opinion about the agreement in this type of structures: The correlative adverbs retake the idea expressed in the subordinated sentence, draw the attention on it, shorten the expression and remove the repetitions: The morphological traits are not very numerous, but they have the role to set the main directions of development of the Romanian literary language. Conducting research of the hydronymy of a region requires not only a thorough analysis of rivers and lakes, but also of the names that refer to the concept of water in general.

The particular historical circumstances, the fight for independence and territorial integrity had to be mentioned, always in comparison with the political situation of the neighbouring states.

This strategy is not unusual in the religious discourse and its purpose is to diminish the criticism.