There a lots of good ‘s out there but this seems to be better and I bet in a blind test with the Sony 4K, it would be way closer than people think there is only so much difference you can see to begin with between and 4K; This is actually a great value especially if the street price comes in at K the 4K upscaling on the Epson is getting way better reviews than the eshift on JVC, which has poor reviews so right there the Epson has an edge. Motorized zoom, focus, and lens shift. You’d be better off displaying a 4k computer screen with a lot of nice sharp straight and angled 1 pixel wide lines The other major advance in the LS picture is the contrast. Posted Oct 6, 6: Color accuracy was very good, with only the cyan color point have a Delta Error above three 3. View All 5 Photos in Gallery. Posted Apr 3,

Posted Nov 18, Also it is as quiet as if there was nothing working on the room. Posted Sep 29, 2: If each scanned pixel is getting projected then it’s real 4k. When viewing live performance material, the LS delivers the video equivalent of the experience audiophiles seek when they go for the vinyl–a clarity and realism that imparts a sense of being in the presence of the performers. Epson just calls it absolute black. For the first time a light-bulb in the picture hurts your eyes just like looking towards a real one.

Lassr, it’s limited to p for 3D, and, second, it doesn’t have the processing power to turn on all the video enhancements you might want to poewrlite together at the same time. Rogue Nation, and The Bourne Supremacy, the LS did an excellent job keeping dark areas dark while still preserving bright elements, resulting in great overall contrast, and its ability to reproduce fine black details was excellent.

Aliens, and Life of Pi, and I saw no ghosting through the active 3D glasses. Posted Oct 6, The fixed zoom lens is dark — it can only operate in the F2.

Around back you’ll find dual HDMI 2. Will solve with a new amp powrrlite solid copper connection. The only issue I am concerned with is using a laser light source. Continue to Page 2.

Epson Pro Cinema LS10000 4K Enhancement Projector

Where the LS truly shines is in its extraordinary shadow detail. Tele Size projected distance: Color accuracy was very good, with only the cyan color point have a Delta Error above three 3. Each has their reasons for existence. The street refleective for the Epson should be lower than the msrp Unless Panasonic comes out with something similar for less Not sure anyone else will Sony prices are ridiculous for their 4K projectors.


Disagree with our product rating? The dual-laser light source eliminates both warmup and cool-down time, and is designed to last the life of the projector, with a 30,hour rated powerrlite in Eco mode. According to Epson, the 4K-Enhancement Technology shows two images per frame, shifting the image by 0. I would like to pick plwerlite the LS and mount it directly overhead but the fan noise on high altitude mode would be a factor for me.

Would powerlit appreciate any suggestions on which alternate 3D HD capable projectors I should think of to achieve projecting a good HD picture on a ” 2.

Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema LS 3LCD Reflective Laser 4K Enhancement | eBay

As you would hope to find in a flagship projector, the LS is loaded with advanced setup tools and picture adjustments. The demo clips in 4K that I played on the Redray player were suitably impressive, but movies on Blu-ray discs at p 24Hz looked almost as good in testing, with p 60Hz material not far behind. We’ve tried to hit all the product categories and price points. If you want to compare it to standard p, you can simply turn off the 4K enhancement. Please, Evan can you comment on the convergence topic?

I am currently using the UB so it’s time for an upgrade. Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Monsters vs. If the LS’s 3D was as good as everything else black level, shadow detail, perceived resolution, etc.

Color Brightness Color Light Ouput: It takes 3 hours to repair. The technique is similar in some ways to interlacing on old CRT monitors, which used to reach high resolutions by drawing the even and odd lines dinema each frame in two separate passes.

In all-black scene transitions, the laser essentially shuts off to produce an absolute black. Last I heard, you need a 4K panel or 4K chip to throw a 4K resolution image, but hey, what do I reflfctive. When I compared 4K still photos, if I moved closer to the screen and studied the photos, I could see the places lasfr the Sony offered improved detail and crispness. Your email address is necessary for you to activate your comment once it has been submitted.


Epson Pro Cinema LS 4K Enhancement Projector Review & Rating |

Epson’s Liquid Crystal on Quartz technology does a good job matching that, so the LS’s image has very little digital noise, even in dark scenes. It’s also very fast to power on and off. Many videophiles will continue to prefer projection as the image quality more closely replicates the authentic large screen movie theater experience. I hear that JVC is coming out with a few brighter real 4K in a few months.

When viewing live performance geflective, the LS delivers the video equivalent of the experience audiophiles seek when they go refldctive the vinyl–a clarity and realism that imparts a sense of being in the presence of the performers. All comments should remain on topic. And the picture will be superior.

Here lwser the biggest differences I can tell you.

Now let’s talk black level and contrast for the home theater experience. Within the darkest demo scenes from Gravity, Mission Impossible: I was able to lower the maximum grayscale Delta Error to just 1. I’ve been using projectors for years and this is the first time I’ve considered cinea TV brought my last projector in ‘ The LS is the only model in Epson’s lineup that uses this technology.

Must be the world’s quietest PJ as well — 19dB. Triple advantage goes to Sony, therefore. Image quality for 3D is limited by not being able to take advantage of 4K enhancement, but it shares all the other strengths of the 2D image quality.

At my normal viewing distance of about 10 feet on a engancement screen, the differences in still photos were much harder to see.

One connector that’s missing is an audio output, which means you’ll have to control 3lcdd external audio system separately, rather than going through the projector and letting the LS automatically switch the audio source along with the video. Even the DVDs that are part of our test suite looked far better than they do with standard p projectors.