She pulls his dirty t-shirt over his head and strips him to his pants. This whatever it is. He presses a crumpled headshot into the hand of an audience member and kisses it. Rain is falling on both couples. She clenches her fists and holds out her arms, as her body convulses. Wearing a blue and white baseball shirt, he crouches by a window steeling himself, only for Dwayne to jump out before him.

She throws back her head and laughs. The middle two floors host the main sets and the central pieces of action, while the Basement and Second Floor are full of religion and magic, secret societies and all manner of marginal and mystical activities. God, it is with such dread that I write the question that has weighed so heavily on me, unsaid. Please, beloved — let me into your thoughts and your heart. Still off the wagon? Finally he goes home and Wendy can smell perfume on him.

She dances a tortured solo routine amongst the tall branchless trees, hanging from the trunks and silhouetted by a bright glow. I can make it fall. Their new partners are encouraged to throw roses to celebrate the performance.

Alice is the first to leave, returning to her room across the corridor. Drosned focus is on illustrating the scene physically. She pads across the room in her bare feet and grabs a contract from a table.

How Punchdrunk breathed life into The Drowned Man

Dolores flirts with Marshall and Wendy tries to hide her jealousy. Andrea enters wearing a red sequin stripper costume. She opens the door and leaves him alone in the corridor. He jumps up and Wendy runs away, crying. I spent a fair bit of time wandering around the various rooms, just seeing what was there and it took me a while to get my bearings. Her shoulders crumple and she has difficulty walking. The actors disperse and Andrea steps off the stage, happy with her performance.


Dwayne saunters off, mooning as he goes.

The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable – review

Wendy goes to the Main Dressing Room and climbs to the top of a large frame on wheels. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter.

When she gets to the room she appears to be on her own. A large audience gathers below them, led there by the other characters. She clenches her fists and holds out her arms, as drownef body convulses. He finds himself in a long, dark corridor, stumbling through shards of white light and calling for help.

He imitates a knight move as he walks sideways across the checkerboard floor. The Seamstress pauses for a moment and the corner of her mouth turns up. She walks outside, to Studio 2 and the Finale Stage, where she sees Marshall and Punchdrynk fooling around by the trailers.

She walks to the Woodchip Trailer Park, where she finds Marshall, shirtless and performing a wild, athletic dance, spinning like a dervish. Dolores flirts with Marshall, who is flattered by the attentions of a famous diva. Frankie, his friend and fellow actor, bounds over and they start to horse around. Threads storykine expanded unthreaded. Their frolicking is interrupted by The Assistant and Dolores lashes out.

Now William is just like Wendy over there, struggling along. He continues joshing, but the sense of fun drains out of him and he looks demented. Tell me where you are and what you see in this wide and lonely world. Wendy shows up late and catches Marshall and Dolores embracing. On the table is a small silver dish containing an orange on ghe napkin and syoryline long knife. He heads for Studio 5 and sits down at a dressing table, taking a swig from a bottle of champagne.


She starts writing a note to him, asking him to come and meet her.

They climb a barren hill and embrace at the top. A picture to end all pictures.

Nearby, two effigies lie face down on the checkerboard floor. Alice stands in the middle of the hall and watches over the mob with a fiendish satisfaction. A character similar to Mr Stanford, called the Supervisor, uses orange segments to control a group of dancers.

The Seamstress comes out and takes him storylime her shop.

Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man takes immersive theatre to a new level | Metro News

Like a queen bestowing a gift on her drudge, she tyrannises the desperate and sycophantic young actor. Wendy kisses him and they embrace on the hillside.

Frankie is sitting alone in Studio 5, looking completely lost. Holding hands, they head towards the tent together. That doesn’t work for everyone. But with no map and no one telling you where to go, what to watch or how long to stay, it is entirely up to you to find them in this great sprawling 4-storey building and decide for yourself who the main characters are. The figure is watching him silently. She walks to the exit and pauses next to an opening surrounded by dozens of scissors thee in the frame.

Retrieved 20 November He stares at her in disbelief, and then at the blood on his hands. Swap with storlyine cup. Wendy shares a home with Marshall in a mah trailer in a clearing in a wood.