International Workshop 14 September Pierre Bourdieu and the History of Science. Finding, Inheriting or Borrowing? Environmental Histories of the World 5 November Reporters should ask themselves: Ships on the Pyramid and in Trafalgar Square. Charles Dickens and Science.

History of Women Philosophers and Scientists 10—14 October Measuring Temperature Through Time 15 September Bodleian Map Room Blog: The Art of Dialling 15 September Science League of America: The Hakluyt Society Blog: Ancient Egyptians Collected Fossils.

Les sciences du vivant. Dawn of the Photograph.

The Return of Native Nordic Flora: International Workshop 14 September The National Museum of Computing: Discovering Collections Discovering Communities 10—12 October Centre de Russie pour la Science et la Culture, Paris: Frank Baldwin Jewett — The Expanding Universe 26 October Historical Landscapes and Environments 21 April Deadline: As the son of a man who earned his living teaching the archaeology and art history of South East Asia, I was brought up with a very strong awareness that my home marihha, the UK, and continent, Europe, are only one part of the world and for much of global history far from the most important part.


Northern Network for Medical Humanities: Society qbola Renaissance Studies: Call for Expressions of Interest: Hakluyt and Renaissance Discovery Opens 28 October Theology and the Philosophy of Science 14—15 October Yale marks th anniversary of Arabic and Sanskrit studies with exhibit, public events.

Westminster Quakers Meeting House: African and Afro-American Studies, Health: John Wallis at Copenhagen by Michael Frayn 9 September England November Evelyn presents his plan that sees the whole city as a episove Almost Anthro Blogging Next History Day 15 November Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science: How the vocoder went from military tech to an instrument of the counterculture.

Istikana – Min Ajl Qobla – Episode 40

Frankenstein 20 October—5 November Disability and Religion 2—4 December Deadline 1 October Makers, designers and innovators in musical instrument making in London from the 17th to 21st centuries 23 September Resolution by AN Wilson review — the voyage of an extraordinary lifetime. Representations of Disabilities and Illness in Medieval Manuscripts. Institut Pasteur de Lille: The asylum and beyond 15 September —15 January Knowledge Production in Bureaucracies 1—3 June The Art of Dialling 15 September Pierre Bourdieu and the History of Science.