Repeated stories to death, and yes this hate on Howard. I dont think Jesse is that self centered.. Are you the publisher? Every week Production will choose the houseguest they believe will give the show the best ratings.. CBS’ list started out with 16 names and 4 have been ruled out. It also really upsets me how much Helen is still so against Howard.

Claim or contact us about this channel. Like that is even possible……………….. I just might have to buy the live feeds…. Big Brother 15 – Episode 28 by Quirkydude. Vote Up 0 0 Vote Down Reply. They will gray out another picture each day, eliminating another possibility. Jessie is WAY too full of herself..

It makes quirkudude sick listening to her. We will just sit here and stare at her contemplating life for awhile…. On another note, say the MVP nom wins veto. I also liked Andy. But, GinaMarie, less is more! Glad my favorites Helen and Amanda are safe!

Jessie is good looking and your just a pimple-popping hater. A good copy will be posted sometime tomorrow. I’m traveling and won’t be able to post Wednesday’s episode until a brothsr hours after it airs. Andy — Not talking! They will gray out another picture each day, eliminating another possibility.

Rob July 16, at 7: The things I do for my daughter!

Feeds start at 9pm PST! Kate July 16, at 4: Like they can say they were MVP week 2 but will production out them if they were lying about that?


At least then she could stalk him on TV. Big Brother 15 – Episode 30 by Quirkydude. So excited to be back together again!! Big Brother 15 – Episode 28 by Quirkydude. Big Brother 15 – Episode 24 by Quirkydude. Brofher i was thinking the same thing… cant figure it out for the life of me tho!

Jill July 16, at 4: Big Brother 15 – Episode 17 by Quirkydude. Big Brother 15 – Episode 23 by Quirkydude. I honestly hated most of the girls sans Aarryn and Kaitlyn and the adopted girl, but all the other girls bugged me by being more concerned about who was prettiest instead of winning the game.

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I hope to have it posted by Midnight Eastern time. 81 to toolbar About WordPress. I just might have to buy the live feeds…. Aaryn and Kaitlin are already quite educated, as to makeup.

Episode 18

Borther is no frank, that is more of a diss to frank than a compliment to him. Contact us about this article. Maybe not the best twist, but they made it the best they could have. Keep checking back for updates.

HG were sitting by pool and wondering how BB production prevented HG from overhearing news from outside world if they had to go to hospital and then come back and rejoin show.


Speaking of Andy, someone asked why they rarely see him with a shirt off — good question. And we do not get TVGN on our cable channels. I think this was on the free live feeds on tv.

This sucks so bad! June 26, 8: The three nomination twist was awesome. I also heard the HG talking about wondering what happens if a HG has to go to the quirrkydude.

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It was supposed to be held today but GinaMarie epispde the event until Friday? I have four younger sisters. Big Brother 15 – Episode 29 by Quirkydude. Big Brother 15 – Episode Peggi July 16, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Im losing my mind. No one was happier than me when Helen won HOH, but then listening to her I got really turned off quirkydudd her game… and her.