I have a nice PDF of info about the T’s on my computer from winchester. Joined May 21, Messages 35, Location Valhalla. I’ve shot 35 PDX1 rounds in 2 different capacity mags from my Glock 19 and it was heaven. They look very similar in the pictures I have seen. Newer, bonded designs exceed their performance especially when considering obstacles and heavy clothing. Find More Posts by Dragger However, there are differences in the anatomy of the bullets which become apparent when carefully examined side by side. The most obvious difference from the SXT is that the bonded design, meant to maintain structural integrity through difficult intermediate barriers like auto-glass, largely prevents the sharp petals from peeling away from the lead core and fully protruding into the wound track.

Some large PDs or government agencies buy lots of rounds lots meaning s of rounds at a time. These are all just an evolutionary extension of the original Black Talon. Granted it was probably the gun’s fault, but it’s never done that with any other ammo before. Search tags for this page. If it did they may as well drop the Ranger T line. My Sig an especially my Gold Cup really like Hydrashocks. September 2, ,

Black Tallons cause cancer and kill kittens and puppies, the new stuff doesn’t. Use of LE only ammunition by armed citizens A G Talon had no more effect on body armor than a Silvertip.

Black Talon – Ranger T – Bonded PDX1

D None for sale. Black Talon The Black Talon handgun bullet is a jacketed hollow-point bullet with perforations designed to expose sharp edges upon expansion. Find More Posts by Superhouse Now, after the rangef of Hydra is gone, we are moving to the Federal HST grain which has a higher speed and pressure see Federal website ballistics.

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PDX1 VS Ranger-T

Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. But to day I picked up a box of winchester PDX1 bonded rounds.

Between these two loads it’s not really going to matter other than the fact that the bonded load will hold up better through barriers. Search tags for this page winchester 45 pdx1 vs t serieswinchester pdx1 vs ranger twinchester ranger series or the pdx1winchester ranger t vs pdx1 Click on a term to search for related topics. Results 1 to 10 of I haven’t been impressed by the PDX-1 series after having them jam up my so bad I had to bust out a screwdriver to clear the malfunction.


Joined Feb 22, Messages 39 Location Idaho. Ranger Talons are current production and they put pdx1’s to shame. None of the 3 are exactly the same but they are all very similar. It comes as bonded and non bonded, I have had and used both for SD for years in 9mm and 45acp.

It is my understanding that the PDX is an improvement over the Ranger by bonding the jacket to the bullet. Collectors might value the originals more, but that’s about it, really. While they still go bang, they wouldn’t be in my first line of defense.

Today I still use the Rememington Golden Saber as my primary ammunition, although any of the other ammunition is just as good and really depends on two factors, 1 will your firearm shoot accurate this ammunition without jamming 2 can the shooter control his firearm with a good shot group.

If it did they may as well drop the Ranger T line. If you want a good deal on the PDX1 in. Find More Posts by Dragger I am just wondering how these 2 rounds stack up against each other, and which one is best.

September 13, Location: September 2, The Lubalox coating was to protect the barrel rifling, and did not give the bullet armor-piercing capabilities. And it would not. Thread starter eddallen Start date Apr 10, All I remember is that pd1 was some kind of public backlash that nicknamed the Black Talons as “cop killer” bullets.

I’ve got a box of 45 ACP Talons from back in the day. This difference is obvious after firing into ballistic gelatin. Actually the PDX1 round has the same talons. However, there are differences in the anatomy of the bullets which become apparent when carefully examined side by side.

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The authors thinking was that Dr. However, there are differences in the anatomy of the bullets which become apparent when carefully examined side by side. Everything is cleared up. All ssries are Rangre I can’t get PDX1 rounds to feed reliably in any of my various 9mm or. Search tags for this page. Sounds like a descent price for some solid ammo.

This “reverse taper” refers to the bullet’s jacket being thicker at the tip than ranher toward the base, enhancing rigidity which allows the sharp petals to remain largely perpendicular to the wound path, unlike traditional designs where the expanding jacket petals would peel back almost completely behind the expanded lead mushroom. This coating in fact is still widely used on many of Winchester’s rifle bullets today.

Years ago I tested ammuntion from different ammunition companies. Of couse any of these ammunition products are worthless if one does not take the time to train with at least once a month with these high powered cartridges and the remainder of the time with factory loaded ammunition to keep the feeling of the recoil and the accuracy one needs. The mind is the pfx1 factor The lion does not even bother to turn his head when he hears the small dog barking.

It is similar to the Ranger SXT series rqnger, therefore, the older Black Talon line in its structure, and pfx1 available in several calibers and loadings.

Black Talon – Ranger T – Bonded PDX1

Besides further dimensional changes to the hollow point for reliable expansion, the trademark perpendicular petals were made longer yet more rounded at the tips to retain stiffness. Ranger T is just one of many products in the Ranger line.

Armed citizens can buy or own this ammunition.