It has been one hell of a ride and I kinda of didn’t want to get off. If you’d wtch her other projects It fuels her search of the airport. That love, like SK said, even when it’s dirty, it’s still love. Tommy hurries her to the airport. They live in their own private mansion, happily together. Every time she was acting nice and innocent, i cant help it but wandering if she was sincerely being nice or faking it.

Hence my not buying the big deal everybody makes out of this in this world of the rich. Every time she was acting nice and innocent, i cant help it but wandering if she was sincerely being nice or faking it. Who is that doctor character? Yes, there are not so nice things in the world, but there are also fabulous things, and you can focus on the great things, and strive for them, and be happy without having to resort to dreams to keep your spirits up. I really want to see Psycho-jo bring himself out of this with the support of the people who love him. Tommy continues to transform himself into the prototypical understanding and supportive second male lead, though spending an entire episode trying to call people left and right feels like such a waste of a character that had the potential to be more substantively involved in this story.

Besides I hate it how Yoon Joo got thrown away based on some shady video which didn’t really tell much about her. Seeing MGY and PSH walk around “inside” wearing lighter-weight indoor clothing in what was probably close to freezing conditions makes me even more concerned for their health during a long drama shoot.

As for PSH, he is good, but sometimes he overdoes his strong scene She heads over to his place and walks around inside not seeing him anywhere. They pretend to exchange rings, and repeat their vows. So the last couple of episodes dragged, huh?


Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 14 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I have 2 products PSH dancing in his kitchen and his good friend the Doc. He urgently asks if anything happened and reveals that Seung Jo knows everything, In Hwa told him today.

I think she came to love him, or at least care deeply for him. Shin became my sole savior for this episode: Windsun33 January 23, at 9: She also starts off making the wrong kind of decisions even though her heart was in a good place. Thanks for the recaps: And then everyone reinforced that he needed that lie.

Thank you for the recaps! The anger is back. Man is vulnerable to being hurt by other people, whether intentionally or not. You’ll see she’s a great actress!

I really like your reference to Alice in Wonderful when relating to this drama. His acting in this ep does remind me of Princess Man. She didn’t want to live in there, she just happened to go there out of curiosity I just hope that next week the wardrobes will get some variation back.

Min Hyuk asks Yoon Joo if this was what she tried to tell him?

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 14 Recap

You are commenting using your WordPress. I enjoy reading all your comments. Cha Seung-joo meets up with Han Se-kyung.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. As a whole, I liked this drama.

Finally, for past two weeks I’ve been wandering how sincere Se kyung was. So hopefully he starts exploring the communication thing. Mature love says I need you because I love you.

I remember now I really liked this reference. Annie January 30, at 8: Maybe episode 16 will be an all candied out, sweet fan service episode! Se-kyung feels that that is what it means to be an adult. Se Kyung ought to be over, too.

I was initially frustrated with Se-kyung because I felt like she had never become that gold-digger she thought she was. Psycho-jo is staring at the seats they sat in when they promised to go to Paris together.


Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 14 Recap

YJ at this point has nothing to lose and she finally can show her intellect and spirit. It would have allowed the audience to stop and think – was his love real? Though not everything was executed perfectly I appreciated the message the writers were trying to convey. Agree– those two were adorable, but sadly underused.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 16 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

A customer has come to Artemis and complains that one of the bags she bought has detached spots on it. I mean, one of the points of this darams was to show that gold diggers are just like us, that the society makes them into gold diggers it’s not like the necessarily want to become ones.

I prefer love stories to spisode stories.

The entire last 5 episodes should just be replaced by last 5 minutes of episode I so wished this could have been in the hands of an older, more intense actress who could match PSH’s intensity and chemistry – when is MGY going to learn to kiss back?

This drama has a gift to amaze me.

Tentatively, he reaches forward and kisses her gently. I agree with you JoAnne, for some reason I really, really want those two to work it out. Except I give him pass because he is ill and I truly believe that sk can help him get out from under that if he were to let her support him in that way, plus therapy. Not that she hates his money, but that she doesn’t choose him for money money being the ONLY reason why she wants him.